Quotes: Nightmare Retardant

Yeah, exactly. Anyone can go and make a jump scare, but they only tend to work if there's build-up (or if, you know, the thing that jumps up at you is actually scary). The jump scares in Arise are just random.
MewLime in a comment of Retsupurae's Retsuflash of Arise 2

there's a difference between a sheet ghost jumping out of a closet shouting "BOO!" and being genuinely scared
MamaLuigi314 in a comment of Retsupurae's Retsuflash of Arise 2

It's like something out of HP Lovecraft... only GAY!

Look at that. It's about as terrifying as Pooh.
Jim Sterling, on Guise Of The Wolf's werewolf.

"Now, whenever you mention this movie to anyone, they say 'Frogs?! What do they do, GUM you to death?' And that would identify the central problem with this movie's premise: frogs, on the whole, do two things: a) sit, and b) hop. Neither of which is very threatening. The movie simply hopes you won't NOTICE this, however, and takes the tack of intercutting shots of frogs sitting and/or hopping with the characters going about their business, hoping to create some kind of eerie frisson. Often they will show a character walking by, then pan down to see that: THERE ARE FROGS NEARBY! This effect will horrify you to a slightly lesser degree than picking your toenails."
Cinema de Merde's review of Frogs