Quotes / Nightmare Fuel

"Thatís some good old-fashioned nightmare fuel."
Crow T. Robot, Mystery Science Theater 3000

"Can't sleep... clown will eat me..."
Bart, The Simpsons

"You'll never sleep again!"

"You are gonna haunt my dreams!"
Jacqui Briggs (to Alien), Mortal Kombat X

"Did I say this was a love story? No - it's a horror movie."
Wade Wilson, Deadpool

Danny: "Oh god, that is some fucking—that's not even Nightmare Fuel; that's Nightmare Fuel to, like, for the Nightmare Bus that you drive off the Nightmare Cliff!
Arin: "It's just nightmare jet fuel!
Danny: "Into Nightmare Canyon!"

"There's no earthly way of knowing... which direction we are going... There's no knowing where we're rowing... or which way the river's flowing... Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? ...Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing... By the fires of hell a-glowing...is the grisly reaper mowing? YES! The danger must be growing, for the rowers... keep on rowing... And they're certainly not showing... ANY SIGN THAT THEY ARE SLOWING! RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!"

"I believe the word you're looking for is, 'AAAAAAAH!'"
The Penguin (to Max Shreck), Batman Returns