Quotes / Never Split the Party

"There are good reasons for splitting the party."

"We can't actually think of any offhand, but we're sure they exist."
— liner notes to Darths & Droids #798

Colossus: Do you want me to take Blackbird Two and rendezvous with Scott and the others?
Kitty Pryde: You mean 'split up'? Some day I've got to sit you down in front of some good horror movies, babe.

Q: How many Call of Cthulhu players does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: All of them! Never split the party!
—Traditional joke

Er, you misused the word "everyone" out of this alive. There's plenty of room for pity if you just work together, dammit! You'd be alive! Look at these body bags right here. It's because they did not work together. They did not cooperate as a team, and this is a valuable lesson for everybody out there: work as a team, or else an alien with rip out your heart. Or burst through it! Either way, fun for the whole family! Except for you. So COOPERATE!