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Quotes: NetHack
"The fact is that comparing Diablo to NetHack is like pitting a wading pool against the Mariana Trench; the former is fun and gives you a taste of what the real thing is like, while the latter is immense and deep enough to crush visitors who venture in unprepared."
T. Byrl Baker, Unsung Heroes: Ground Breaking Games, ""

"Nethack does what computers do best what computers were invented for. It hands you a symbolic representation of something, and lets you interact with it. The symbols are utterly mundane but the interaction is extraordinarily complicated. Interacting with the game of Nethack can be glorious, frustrating, hilarious, and satisfying. Like any great game, it's even fun to watch and talk about when played by others. There are probably more web pages of people telling their Nethack war stories than there are pages discussing the game itself."

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