Quotes / Nerves of Steel

"This was an unassisted free fall down a skyscraper. In 1997, there were any number of safety harnesses or camera tricks that could have been used to create the effect of a man sliding off a building. Well, safety harnesses and camera tricks are how cowards applicate their tampons. That being said, would it really have been cheating if someone had put a crash pad or two in the place Jackie was very, very likely to tumble off to his doom? And speaking of tumbling, he spent the entire fall doing unneeded somersaults and twists. He even stood up and scampered on his feet for a bit. Maybe he thought a semi-controlled slide down a skyscraper was too dull? Maybe he saw the Grim Reaper on the way down and had to dodge him? I honestly don't know, but it must take a team of groundskeepers three days to shave the entire surface area of Jackie Chan's balls."

"We could make them exactly even," said Hornblower, taking the plunge. "Have two pistols, one loaded and the other empty. Simpson and I would take our choice not knowing which was which. Then we stand within a yard of each other, and at the word, we fire."

Sherlock Holmes: The bullet they just dug out of the wall is from a handgun. A kill shot like that over that distance from that sort of weapon, you're looking for a crack shot but not just a marksman, his hands musn't have shaken at all so clearly he's acclimatised to violence. He didn't fire until I was in immediate danger so obviously has a strong moral principle. You're looking for someone probably with a history of military service and nerves of steel... [sees John] Actually, you know what? Ignore me.
Sherlock, A Study in Pink

Julia Neville: "I'm not the 'beg for your life' type."
Revolution: "Nobody's Fault But Mine", Julia is saying this quite calmly while Miles Matheson is holding a sword to her throat.

"And he's so calm and cool sometimes I think he doesn't even realize he's the black candidate. He's so relaxed, he's thinking he could win this thing fair and square."
Chris Rock, on Barack Obama, Kill the Messenger

Not even a man like Gendo himself could deny a certain amount of nervousness, even though he was gifted with the ability to remain calm even during stressful situations. That Angel was much too close.
The Second Try, chapter 11

General Basilia: If he dies, you will follow him shortly. Screaming.
Anaxares: Nine.
Basilia: What?
Anaxares: The number of times I've been threatened with death today. Will we make it to ten before noon? It is an auspicious number in Bellerophon. *walks away*