Quotes: Nepotism

"Nepotism belongs in the arts, not in plumbing."
Queen Clarisse Renaldi, The Princess Diaries

"While a visionary will lead us to some amazing accomplishments, some yutz who was put in charge only because he's somebody's brother-in-law will lead to an event that'll make Jackass 3D look like Schindler's List."

The hiring of Adam Dwyer by Merck Pharmaceutical was described Monday by CEO James Dwyer as "tremendously synergistic." "With his impressive range of experiences, including one and a half years of bartending and four years of heavy pharmaceutical use at the University of Delaware, Adam brings a lot to the table," Dwyer said of his nephew. "We, in turn, can help Adam earn $220,000 a year as vice-president of corporate communications for the Mid-Atlantic region."
The Onion: "Nepotism passed off as synergy."

His brother is his right hand man
(He's never worked before)
His father earns twelve grand a yearnote 
(He's paid to shut the door)
His mother is a filing clerk
His sister mans the telephone
(A chimp is twice as bright)
MAD, nursery rhyme parody about a congressman.

Cera: [Hiroko's] doing quite well.
Masae: I'm really glad. I don't want anyone to say I pulled her in because she's my niece. For her sake as well...
Cera: Everyone in the club knows that, but I guess it can't be helped that only results matter to those on the outside. FunaQ should be aware of that, too.
Saki Achiga-hen, regarding efforts to avoid accusations of this trope.

"After all, the whole Barrayaran Vor system runs on nepotism. It's not a vice for us it's a lifestyle."
Lord Auditor Vorkosigan, Komarr