Quotes: Nepotism

"Nepotism belongs in the arts, not in plumbing."
Queen Clarisse Renaldi, The Princess Diaries

"While a visionary will lead us to some amazing accomplishments, some yutz who was put in charge only because he's somebody's brother-in-law will lead to an event that'll make Jackass 3D look like Schindler's List."

The hiring of Adam Dwyer by Merck Pharmaceutical was described Monday by CEO James Dwyer as "tremendously synergistic." "With his impressive range of experiences, including one and a half years of bartending and four years of heavy pharmaceutical use at the University of Delaware, Adam brings a lot to the table," Dwyer said of his nephew. "We, in turn, can help Adam earn $220,000 a year as vice-president of corporate communications for the Mid-Atlantic region."
The Onion: "Nepotism passed off as synergy."

His brother is his right hand man
(He's never worked before)
His father earns twelve grand a yearnote 
(He's paid to shut the door)
His mother is a filing clerk
His sister mans the telephone
(A chimp is twice as bright)
MAD, nursery rhyme parody about a congressman.

Cera: [Hiroko's] doing quite well.
Masae: I'm really glad. I don't want anyone to say I pulled her in because she's my niece. For her sake as well...
Cera: Everyone in the club knows that, but I guess it can't be helped that only results matter to those on the outside. FunaQ should be aware of that, too.
Saki Achiga-hen, regarding efforts to avoid accusations of this trope.

"After all, the whole Barrayaran Vor system runs on nepotism. It's not a vice for us it's a lifestyle."
Lord Auditor Vorkosigan, Komarr

I'm not gonna choose someone based on merit, like Donald Trump on The Apprentice, I'm going to hire my unqualified daughter, like Donald Trump in real life.
Aldermach Maggotbone Ugly Americans "Ride Me To Hell"

The association with Ted Turner and the cable network was huge; what was bad was that Ted had "friends" that ran to him and said, "I wanna run a wrestling company!" Ted just put people in charge of wrestling that knew nothing about it...So now the regional manager of Pizza Hut in St. Louis, Missouri is running WCW. You can imagine how that got over.

Jerry Jarrett once told me that if he ever made the mistake with Jeff that Nick Gulas did with George to tell him to bend over and kick him in the ass. Well, he did, and one day I told him to bend over and he never treated me the same after that. People knew Jeff was the owner's son. He was pushed like he was the second coming...Jerry tried to build the entire territory around Jeff and the fans did not buy it.
Bill Dundee, If You Don't Want the Answer, Don't Ask the Question

So then he picks up Billy Kidman and hits him with a fucking nasty powerbomb. Pure Mike Awesome, indie cunt powerbomb. "I'm really shit, but I'm gonna get myself over by actually hurtin' ya", despite the entire reason for wrestling is to not hurt ya. Disgraceful wrestler. "Fuck this guy", I have written down here.
OSW Review on "Horace Hogan" aka Michael Bollea, Ep. 33

Let’s see…she is the woman that causes every other woman on the roster to back down immediately. Wait, did I say ‘woman’? I meant ‘human’. It’s pretty amazing how neutered she makes everyone look, honestly. Then again, this is the same person who they had a trainer for, and then canned that act because if she needed a trainer, that must mean she was fat at some point. Eh, whatever, she’s the boss’ daughter and the heir to the throne. We’d all best get used to this.

The Rock comes out (who I believe is Roman Reigns' cousin) and clears house and raises Roman Reigns' hand in victory. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

You know it's bad when they boo The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment®. You know it's bad. And I think what is going to the most enduring picture of the year—whereas last year the enduring picture was Shocked Undertaker Guy—this one very well could be Bewildered Rock Face. He's raising Roman's hand, the booing immediately begins, and he's like, "...WTF? This was not supposed to—what? I'm the Rock."

This man was born concussed...It's as if God himself designed the perfect punchable face. Eli is the kind of guy who probably spends an entire airplane ride staring at the back of the seat in front of him. There's nothing there. Every time I see him on the TV, I want to wave my hand in front of him to see if he can process human movement.

Eli threw 27 picks last season, more than any other QB in the league. He threw five against Seattle alone. If his last name were anything other than Manning, Ryan Nassib would currently be the Giants' starting quarterback. Instead, here the Giants are again, stuck with Eli... Still fucking that chicken. Even The Simpsons aren't as stale these days.
Drew McGary, "Why Your Team Sucks 2014: New York Giants

Back in 2007, Oprah had Jenny McCarthy on her show to promote some book she wrote (I believe it was called The Stupidest Shit Ever) about her son's autism...You can take in the available information and decide for yourself, but please remember, one of the key proponents of the anti-vaccine movement earned her college degree in the public restroom at a Candies shoe store.

I don't care what talk show she appears on: you don't take medical advice from Jenny McCarthy. Even more importantly, if you're in charge of these things, definitely don't let her give that advice on the most influential daytime talk show in television history. Unfortunately, trusting her famous friends over modern medicine is kind of Oprah's thing.

Girls may be making its most profound point about shiftless, directionless Generation Y behind the scenes, as all four of the principal stars are the daughters of successful, Boomerish parents. And not just any old sort of blandly successful banker and lawyer parents — these are men and women who've achieved a level of fame in the overlapping art and entertainment worlds. Dunham and her cast, however engaging you think they are or are not on screen, are proof of the trouble millennials have disentangling themselves from the success of their immediate progenitors.