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Quotes: Negative Continuity

Quotes from works

Cartman: Now THAT'S what I call a sticky situation!
Stan: Cartman, you dumbass! That's not how it happened!
Kyle: Yeah, dude! Kenny just died eight hours ago from that monster; how could he have died back then too?
Cartman: Huh, I guess that ''doesn't'' make any sense...

Kenstar: Okay, so the rules are you gotta draw your created character with an existing character from the Girlchan continuity.
Green Guy: What continuity!?
Kenstar: Sssshut your mouth!

"There is no continuity, there is only Insano."
Spoony's "explanation" of Doctor Insano's Multiple Choice Past.

Quotes on works

"Very little on Drawn Together can be considered canon. If you try to find continuity on this show you'll drive yourself nuts. The only thing that's consistent is we try to make the show as funny as possible. And we'd never let a little thing like continuity get in the way of that."
Bill Freiberger, Executive Producer

"The continuity of the show is completely haphazard. Itís haphazard by design. Itís not like they are trying desperately to maintain continuity of the show. They donít care, and theyíll tell you flat out that they donít care. Well, that is misreading the core audience. The Star Trek hardcore audience loves continuity...If you are pre-supposing that, you are aiming towards the person that is grabbing a beer, and isnít really paying attention, and is walking out of the room every ten minutes and coming back and sitting down; all you are going to do is dumb down the show. You are reducing it to its lowest common denominator, and whatís the point of that?"

"A big fat spatial anomaly that leads to a time travel episode? If I just gave you that description you would know I was talking about a Voyager episode, right? If this were a DS9 episode you could have headed back into the series rich mythology and shown how these characters have changed over the years but unfortunately the crew of Voyager (pretty much) look and act exactly the same way now as they did in Caretaker and so it only serves to point how little development this show has afforded its cast...Shattered is utterly vanilla and the only real fun is in figuring out whereabouts in time Chakotay has found himself. It doesnít help that the former Maquis commander is the dullest character to have emerged from this series and plods through history with about as much personality as a mouldy old carrot. If you want to watch an episode that splits a ship into different zones like this and uses it as a character building exercise rather than irrelevant frippery than check out Farscapeís Through the Looking Glass."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Shattered"

"Lionel Luthor's emailing Chloe, it would seem....Chloe says, 'My job requires me to talk to Lionel Luthor.'

Me: LIAR! (paces left to right, right to left) YOU WILL NOT TAKE CONTINUITY FROM ME! He tried to kill you!

Clark to Lionel: "You've turned her against me!"
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Splinter")

"It was Henry James (not Henry James Olsen, but how felicitous is that?) who said 'What is character but the determination of incident? What is incident but the illustration of character?' In other words, strong story-telling results from the inter-relation — indeed, the oneness — of the characters and the situations in which they find themselves... Suspension of disbelief in the 'Veritas' storyline, for instance (compelling though that narrative was), required that we fail to notice that the Luthor coat of arms seen in the mansion's stained glass had always been, prior to this, just a big 'L,' not an L and a V. We get three whole seasons with 'Jimmy' Olsen only to have him killed and explained away as the older brother of the 'real' Jimmy Olsen...We get confrontation scenes with Toyman in 'Prophecy' and with Lex in the finale, both of which seem to suggest that the matter of Superman's secret identity is a bit of a moot point to the villains, only to have this reversed with a preposterous and (we have to imagine) selective mind wipe because we all know Lex never knew Clark Kent prior to the arrival of Superman.

The instances of this are too numerous to get fully into here... The point is, you can get lost on
Smallville's stretched-thin surface, but as often as not it takes little more than a downward glance to see the bottom, at depths so shallow it seems the surface is all there really is."
Marc Pritchard on Smallville

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