Quotes / Needle in a Stack of Needles

"Modern search engines can easily find a needle in a haystack. If you really want to hide a needle, you bury it in a needle stack."
Florence, Freefall here.

"To help hide our files, I'm also installing the latest updates and security patches that came with the starship. The best lies contain an element of truth, and this lie is over 99% truth."
Florence, Freefall here.

Michael: You wanna search through 10,000 boxes? Be my guest.
Sam: Sounds like the world's worst game show.
Burn Notice ("Rough Seas")

Trevor: Four-point-six billion people live in Dom Atlantis. The city takes up just under half a million cubic kilometers of space, and that entire volume is full of things that make information.
Commander Foxworthy: Are you telling me you can't do your job?
Trevor: No, I'm telling you that I am amazing. Sergeant Schlock is being tailed by a police officer.