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Many seem to comment on me being such. Note I'm not trying to impress by being all so intellectual, it just naturally comes.

Tidal_Wave_17: Nieces and nephew...Surprise visit...Big brother...Practicing shooting in the front yard...Tired...But I still love my family...Still love...Tired...
NathanielTheSeeker: Big brother taught you the ways of the hunter. Admit it, Tidal, you love big brother. In this case, for better.
NathanielTheSeeker in his rather unusual attempt to inspire Tidal_Wave_17

Art is about making abstract, invisible things seen in a form.
NathanielTheSeeker, Quoting Juha, his visual arts teacher.

That's my problem. Sometimes when I attempt to generate and stimulate conversation, I end up stealing people's juices.

Maturity is a fruit along with its seeds.
Using a paralogical metaphor, risking it getting misunderstood as an Ice-Cream Koan

If we cared about every minor thing, we'd be overwhelmed and have harder time focusing, thus accomplishing jack.
Another small piece of wisdom I think many ignore, fruits from forum games; how to creatively get offended over something ;)

Me:: How do I overcome the fear of death?
Sergeant: It will always be there.
— One signature of mine

The homecomingday!

I'm home and the service is all over. The Sun of the Reserves shines gloriously with all the mornings drained to zero. Has there ever been a more positive connotation for the word?
— Me after having completed my military service

Can we view horror merely as the human-created label or as the emotion that would arise from conflict? Makes you think.

So, Arcolops, presupposing for a moment a higher entity could create a world without conflict.

Either way, since we would know nothing else and our sentiences wouldn't be developed enough, we could call it a nightmare only from our viewpoint, we as the kind of people we are in comparison to how we would be in this example.

Otherwise we could call it the greatest form of blissful meta-ignorance. Meta in that we'd also be perfectly ignorant of our ignorance as well as the fact we're ignorant about our ignorance - or that there even would be such concept.
—When discussing conflict in stories, me indulging gleefully in philosophical insights

Keybreak: ...if that's true then I'm as afraid of you as my own conscience. ...your commonplace happy-go-lucky attitude is a model of that tiny part inside me which if I were to indulge, I might start falling behind in my work.
NathanielTheSeeker: I'm symbolic of your Jungian shadow? ...If it's any solace to you, it hasn't always exactly helped myself, either.

Just flashing by because I haven't in a while.
—A piece of unintentional comedy

I'm eeeeeeevil. >:D Well, if you count every passing thought, then you could say I am. Every single person, for that matter. True evil it becomes when it manifests into reality.

Nathaniel The Seeker, on eeeeeeevil

Quotes of others I really like

Juancarlos11: Every dumbass idiot, bastard in the world has a good point. Problem is that they think that because they were right once, they'll be right everytime and try to force their right concept down your throat. And right there, you start losing the high ground.

AlirozTheConfused: Would we really love Lincoln to the extent that we do if he hadn't died the way he did? I mean, he did suspend habeas corpus and the right of free press/speech, but by killing Abraham L. right after he brought triumph to the north and freedom to the slaves, John Wilkes Booth unintentionally ensured Lincoln's reputation as a martyr, as a victim. Also, it left the big problem of reconstruction on the shoulders of Lincoln's VP, Johnson.

That's not to say that Abraham Lincoln wasn't a good president, but would he have become the near-mythic figure that he did without his tragic death?

NathanielTheSeeker: Going the right way helps seal your memory.