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Quotes: Names to Run Away From Really Fast
What, was "Hitler von Killington" too subtle? How about "Sergeant Satanstein"?
MAD on General Grievous from the Star Wars series.

"Oh, tut tut tut. You're far too modest, Edwin. You have restored the name 'Blackgaard' to a position of honor! Not an easy thing to do..."
Dr. Regis Blackgaard, Adventures in Odyssey

"I'm not called the Torturer because I don't torture people."
The Torturer, American Dreamz

Bloodmist: Poor, lost creature. Wandering, not knowing who or what you are. What is your name, lost one? Do you even know?
Rev Bem: My name is Brother Behemial Far-Traveller. I am a Wayist of the Sacred Order...
Bloodmist: Behemial Far-Traveller! That is a food name, not fit for a Harbinger of the Abyss. I asked you what your name is. The name your father gave you!
Rev Bem: RED PLAGUE!!!

"Then you fight "Dark Warrior". Oooh, scary name. How about "Death Guy" or "Mr. Kill"?"

Terry: By the way, what's the creepy lady's power?
Tamara: I'm not sure, but they call her "Bombshell".
Terry: Oh, that's encouraging.

"Man, Brain Business, I want to be sympathetic to your plight, but this is totally your fault for rooming with a guy named Darkness. It's right there in the name: If somebody asks you if you wanna move into an apartment owned by Darkness, you say 'No, thanks — I'll just chip in and share a motel room with The Nothing.' You don't lease a boat from Baron Fuckdestruction, you don't buy a used car from Azazel, King of the Void, and you don't 'crash' with Darkness itself."

"He looked like he should be named Mass Murderer, Serial Killer or Sadistic Bastard. Or, at the very least, Snake."
Adriana, in reference to Cael, Deadly Sins chapter 4

"Don't fear! Dark Apocalypse is here! ...Hello?" (crowd runs away screaming)
— "Does This Cape Make Me Look Fat?", by Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan

"My name from Adam Goodheart, you'll find
Is changed to Gideon Crawle
For a bad Bart's steward
Who heart is much too hard
Is always 'Gideon Crawle
Old Adam, Ruddigore

"Lord Yama the Vengeful? Wekehsa, in the future, you might want to refrain from stealing things belonging to anyone with 'the Vengeful' in their name. You should also add 'the cruel' and 'the bloody' to that list."
Koss, Guild Wars

Wilson: This guy's name is Weber, not von Lieberman!
House: I call Weber "von Lieberman." Way eviler.

"If a guy named Foulfellow asks to take you to a place called Pleasure Island, don't go. I mean he's got the world "foul" right in his name."

"Heydrich apparently hates the moniker the good people of Prague have bestowed on him. Actually, why he would hate the name 'the Hangman' is baffling to me; It would appear he has done everything in his power to earn it. I, on the other hand, love my unofficial title."
Hans Landa the Jew Hunter, Inglourious Basterds

Maureen: Maybe Maxim is smart enough to sense danger and just leave.
Maxim: "Haunted forest of painful agonizing death". That's a funny name. Wonder what it means...

"Did they consider naming him Meanacing T. Badperson?"

"What kind of idiot would knowingly date a girl named Knives?"
Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

"Walpurgisnacht is from German, translated literally as Oh, Fuck me, RUN!!"
Chuck, Sf Debris review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica ep 6

"It was one of those comic book name coincidences, like how you know a college professor named Dr. Klaus von der Murder isn't going to be getting tenure."

"I really understand wanting to build a robot army and threaten the UN. Heck, in a few years' time my actual name will be Doctor Trollman - at which point I think that I personally am required by dramatic law to put on a funky costume and cause and/or fight crime."
— Frank Trollman

"Your translator doohickey called him "annihilate" or "nihilism" or something. I mean, there's your frickin' clue train pulled right up to the station."
Ben Grimm, Ultimate Fantastic Four, on "Nihil"

"Isn't it funny how psychos have such unique names? This is questioned in Dark Ride, indeed why is it always Jeremiah, Elias, or Isaac? And if your surname happens to be Slaughter, Gore, Knifey, Cutty, or Carver then it appears you can skip that career aptitude normalizing test."

Fozzie: (reading from a buisness card) Dominic... Badguy?
Dominic Badguy: Bad-gee. It's french.

Evening, gentlemen, We're from X-Factor. My codename is "Can Crush You With A Glance" Man. And this is my partner "Once Disemboweled A Fellow Just To Watch Him Die" Girl. Let's take ten seconds to consider why we're called that, and what it could mean for your long-term health prospects.
Guido Carousella, X-Factor #4


Hey, if you didn't want your kid to eventually be murdered by a man with a strong jawline and a penchant for puns, you shouldn't have named him shit like "Davros" to begin with.

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