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Quotes: My Friends... and Zoidberg
MAN, n.
An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be. His chief occupation is extermination of other animals and his own species, which, however, multiplies with such insistent rapidity as to infest the whole habitable earth and Canada.

"Ladies. Gentlemen. Ted."

"Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev! And some nobody!"
Erisiel Vrumugun, Slayers: The Ghost of Sairaag

Koden: I am not about to let the third thing with my friends...and Dave and ruined because of the monster...or douchebag...of the week messed everything up!
—-DSBT InsaniT, 'The Camping Webisode'

The Judger: We are "The Legion of Super Heroes, and the Knifeketeer," a collection of the world's mightiest crime fighters. And the Knifeketeer.
The Knifeketeer: I'm feeling a bit excluded.
The Judger: You're included. That is what "and" means.

"I mean, this is a fantastic cast of really well known actors, and Amanda Peet."
Noah Antwiler, on 2012

"Really what made me grab it was the decent cast they wrangled up for it. I mean you have Stallone, Gabriel Byrne, Thandie Newton, Stuart Townsend, and Jamie Foxx. Yeah, I know Melanie Griffith is featured on the cover too. The moment I mention her as part of a decent cast is when I see a decent performance out of her at any point in her entire freaking career."
Miles Antwiler, on Shade (2003)

"It all started out promising enough. The Carters had decided to go for broke and started bringing in big name talent. Hogan. Flair. Hardy. Van Dam. Knobbs.

Wait, what?"

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