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"Mass mobilization, inciting peasants to take up their scythes, straighten them - where's the art in that? Much harder to build a strong state with healthy commerce, manufacturing, solid alliances, progressive science, and fair, independent courts that hand down just judgments. Vizimir and I managed to do just that - through years of fucking hard work. I will not sit on my hands as that little shit squanders that. Radovid the Stern, my arse. Radovid the Witless, I'd say. Will you help me, Geralt?"
Sigi Reuven aka Sigismund Dijkstra, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

"Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just fuckin' watched. Tomorrow, there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots." [Dramatic Gun Cock] "I know you understand."
General Shepherd, Modern Warfare 2

"Our so called leaders prostituted us to the West... Destroyed our culture... our economies... our honor. They are the invaders. All U.S. and British forces will leave Russia immediately... Or suffer the consequences..."
Imran Zakhaev, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

"I have stood knee deep in mud and bone, and filled my lungs with mustard gas. I have seen two brothers fall. I have lain with holy wars and copulated with the autumnal fallout. I have dug trenches for the refugees; I have murdered dissidents where the ground never thaws, and starved the masses into faith. A child's shadow burnt into the brickwork. A house of skulls in the jungle. The innocent, the innocent, Mandus, trod and bled and gassed and starved and beaten and murdered and enslaved! This is your coming century! They will eat them, Mandus, they will make pigs of you all and they will bury their snouts into your ribs and they will eat your hearts!"

"THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT LIES LIES LIES!!! Let me show you the only truth there is... the truth called DESPAIR!!!"
Hazama/Terumi Yuuki, BlazBlue, summing up what kind of monster he is.

Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I think I'm entitled.
Jessep: You want answers?!
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Jessep: You can't handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it, you? You, Lieutenant Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom! You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines! You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know! That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives! And my existence, while grotesque, and incomprehensible to you, saves lives! You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall! You need me on that wall! We use words like 'Honor', 'Code', 'Loyalty!' We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline! I have neither the time, nor the inclination, to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said 'Thank you', and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand at post! Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!

Murderer: You don't understand, it's a spiritual right to share the lifeforce with—
Booth: Look! You're nuts! Okay, we get it! We don't need to hear the rambling psycho speech on why you did it.
Murderer: You're an anthropologist, you know that ancient civilization would sacrifice some in order to preserve the strength— [Bones hits him with a bedpan]
Booth: What'd you do that for?
Bones: Nobody wants to hear the rambling psycho speech.
Bones, where this trope is defied

"I did it. Because I've come to realize what many people in the Republic have come to realize: that the Jedi are the ones responsible for this War. That we've so lost our way that we have become villains in this conflict, that we are the ones that should be put on trial, all of us! And my attack on the Temple was an attack on what the Jedi have become: an army fighting for the dark side, fallen from the Light that we once held so dear. This Republic is failing! It's only a matter of time."

"'I have a dream.' That one day, every person in this nation will control their own destiny. A nation of the truly free, dammit. A nation of action, not words, ruled by strength, not committee! Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around. Where power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the people! Where every man is free to think — to act — for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers and chickenshit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24-hour Internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit! Fuck American pride! Fuck the media! FUCK ALL OF IT! America is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it — we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. BURN IT DOWN! And from the ashes a new America will be born. Evolved, but untamed! The weak will be purged and the strongest will thrivefree to live as they see fit, they'll make America great again! [...] In my new America, people will die and kill for what they BELIEVE! Not for money. not for oil! Not for what they're told is right. Every man will be free to fight his own wars!"
Senator Steven Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Courier: What was your prolem with Sinclair?
Dean Domino: Problem? All high-and-mighty. Lording it over everyone. Acting so...self-righteous, like nothing could touch him. He was the one with the problem. Never got mad at anything, nothing seemed to shake him. Even after... his life kept getting dragged through the dirt. Always kept looking for the bright, shining future in everything. So... I decided to take everything from him.
Courier: But what did he do to you?
Dean Domino: Do to me? What, weren't you listening? He thought he was better than me. Don't believe me? Look around. This big casino, this big colossal monument - think it was for some woman? No, all ego, all self-righteous-in-lights, fit him perfect. Had to take him down a few pegs, bring him down to my level. "Begin again?" Some things you don't get up from... I was going to prove it.
Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money

"In this hour of victory, we taste only defeat. I ask why? We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists. The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Were there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations... has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun towards which all intelligence blossoms. And the impervious shelter beneath which it has prospered. I stand before you, Accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy. Of attempting to save us from this fate where we are forced to... recede. Humanity stands as the greatest threat in the galaxy. Refusing to eradicate them is a fools gambit. We squander eons in the darkness, while they seize our triumphs for their own. The Mantle of Responsibility for all things... belongs to Forerunners alone. Think of my acts as you will. But do not doubt the reality - The Reclamation... has already begun. And we are hopeless to stop it."
The Ur-Didact, Halo 4

It doesn’t matter how flawless the scheme was, how impregnable the fortress or powerful the magical weapon, it always ends with a band of adolescents shouting utter platitudes as they tear it all down. The game is rigged so that we lose, every single time. Half the world, turned into a prop for the glory of the other half. Ah. How much worse it must be, coming from a culture that still teaches you you can win. We don’t even have that, Catherine. The hope of the happy ending. We get to cackle on the way down the cliff, or maybe curse our killer with our last breath. You’ve read the stories, and stories are the lifeblood of Names. None of it is earned. It is handed to them, and this offends me. You asked me what I want. This once, just this once, I want us to win. To spit in the eyes of the Hashmallim. To trample the pride of all those glorious, righteous princes. To scatter their wizards and make their oracles liars. Just to prove that it can be done. So that five hundred years from now, a band of heroes shiver in the dark of night. Because they know that no matter how powerful their sword or righteous their cause, there was once a time it wasn’t enough. That even victories ordained by the Heavens can broken by the will of men.

A-ko: B-ko, it's thanks to you that I'm late again! Hasn't this gone on long enough?
B-ko: No! I've just started! I'm going to you, you... selfish creep!
A-ko: When will you learn? You can make all the robots you like and it won't make you feel any better! All it does is make us late for school!
B-ko: (angrily, with tears) Is that all you care about?? Being a "good girl"?! Charming the teachers?! Well! Naturally, it's never occurred to you that some children just aren't born with the same charm! But what do you care? You've always been the heroine, while I've always had to be the girl everyone says is spoiled! Okay, if they say I'm the 'bad girl', then that's what I'm GONNA BE!!

"Brother… you've never lost anyone, have you? You've never seen anyone you care about greatly suffering because of the actions of someone else? Your life was a lot easier than mine, and I suppose I can't blame you for that, nor should I. I was always told it was the job of older siblings to protect their younger ones after all. However…" *extends arm, which starts glowing with Poison Jab* "When you do feel that emotion, and I do hope you never do, there is only one answer to it. You must punish the ones responsible, with no holds barred. You must make the one who hurt your loved ones feel every bit of pain they did, with extensive interest. Tokiomi betrayed Aurora in the worst way possible, he hurt her deeper than any flesh wound could. Such a man doesn't deserve to walk this earth. Such a man doesn't deserve to die peacefully. Such a man deserves to die suffocating on his own accumulated tar buildup as his veins seize up like a Saffron traffic jam!"

"But, heaven and earth!" said the King, "haven't we always been told that she was the worst enemy of all? Wasn't she a tyrant ten times worse than Miraz?"
"Perhaps," said Nikabrik in a cold voice. "Perhaps she was for you humans, if there were any of you in those days. Perhaps she was for some of the beasts. She stamped out the Beavers, I dare say; at least there are none of them in Narnia now. But she got on all right with us Dwarfs. I'm a Dwarf and I stand by my own people. We're not afraid of the Witch."
"But you've joined with us," said Trufflehunter.
"Yes, and a lot of good it has done my people, so far," snapped Nikabrik. "Who is sent on all the dangerous raids? The Dwarfs. Who goes short when the rations fail? The Dwarfs. Who-?"
"Lies! All lies!" said the Badger.
"And so," said Nikabrik, whose voice now rose to a scream, "if you can't help my people, I'll go to someone who can."

"You too have known loss, and that loss torments you still. You hope hatred might someday replace the pain, but it never goes away. It makes a man hideous, inside and out. Wouldn't you agree? We both are demons. Our humanity won't return. You. Me. We've no place to run, nowhere to hide. And that's why I'll show you my demon. Follow me, Big Boss!

Whatever the Navajo told you... it's just one possible solution derived by Cipher. My will is different. I've known you since your time at Langley. I've long been the other side of your coin. 1964, Soviet territory. FOX's first mission. Any mess you made, I was there to clean up. You completed your task - and admirably. The 'information' you returned was far more than enough to fill our pockets. With it, our futures became - more or less - set in stone. And then the major came to me with an idea. 'Washington doesn't know how to spend money,' he said. 'I'd like to... redirect it'. His goal was an organization dedicated solely - covertly - to supporting America. Cipher. You know the rest. To him, it was mourning - the loss of his friend. Or rather, an act of revenge. On the world, but America most of all.

America is a country of liberty. A meeting of immigrants. Instead of simply assimilating, its citizens live along side others. Their roots are varied. Diverse. America's never been made up of just one people. But he tried to forge a single consciousness. For it, and from it. The idea that every citizen would use free will to unite behind their country... Unilateralism like that can't be entrusted to any one individual. So the major sought a system which used information, words, to control the 'subconscious'.

To unite America and the entire world. The major thought this was his friend's will. But I think he never understood what she wanted. Before he ever walked, or cried - even before he was born - his mother tongue was English. He doesn't know the pain of losing his own language. Not yet. He cannot understand her will. I do. I was born in a small village. I was still a child when we were raided by soldiers. Foreign soldiers. Torn from my elders, I was made to speak their language. With each new post, my masters changed, along with the words they made me speak. Words are... peculiar. With each change, I changed too. My thoughts, personality, how I saw right and wrong... War changed me - and not only my visage. Words can kill. I was invaded by words, burrowing and breeding inside me. A philosopher once said, 'It is no nation we inhabit, but a language.' 'Make no mistake, our native tongue is our true fatherland.' My fatherland - my truth was stolen from me. And so was my past. All that's left is the future. And mine is revenge. On those who'd leech off the words of their fellow man. This is what I learned from the major. And then it hit me. It was
he who should feel my wrath. He and the code he chose as basis for control. Language codes, information codes - beamed all around us - genetic codes spanning history. By controlling the codes, Cipher... Zero intends to unify the world. Codes implanted into our heads, sucking our minds dry as it spreads from one host to the next. A parasite upon the earth. That is what Zero is. As one born into this world, he's afflicted. I hold him responsible for killing my freedom. Killing all traces of my past... Killing any promise of a future... We are all but dead men forced to walk upon this earth. A world reduced to Zero. Cipher plans to use its codes to control the world. They think they can. And the 'mother tongue' of all those codes is English. The word became flesh. The final parasite. It knows English. An English strain of the vocal cord parasite. I will exterminate the English language. With this, I'll rid the world of infestation. All men will breathe free again - reclaim their past, present, and future. This is no ethnic cleanser. It is a 'liberator,' to free the world from Zero. Let the world be. Sans lingua franca, the world will be torn asunder. And then, it shall be free. People will suffer, of course - a phantom pain. The world will need a new common tongue. A language of nukes. My Metal Gears shall be the thread by which all countries are bound together, in equality. No words will be needed. Every man will be forced to recognize his neighbor. People will swallow their pain. They will link lost hands. And the world will become one. This war... is peace.

When the world witnesses Sahelanthropus, the hands of the doomsday clock will roll on, regardless of Zero. Sahelanthropus will take the first giant step into a brave new world. It is the bell with which a world - trodden upon by words - declares its independence."

Azrael: Human, have you ever been to hell? I think not. Did you know that once hell was nothing more than the absence of God? And if you've ever been in His presence, you'd realize that's punishment enough. But then your kind came along...and made it so much worse.
Bethany: Humans aren't capable of one-hundredth of the evil a shit-bag demon like you is. (spits in Azrael's face)
(Azrael wipes spit off his face with Tranquil Fury)
Azrael: Evil... is an ABSTRACT! It's a HUMAN. CONSTRUCT.
Azrael: But, true to his irresponsible nature, man won't own up to being its engineer, so he blames his dark deeds on MY ilk. But it's not enough to shadow his own existence, no! He turned Hell into a suffering pit! Why? Because it is beyond your abilities to simply make personal recompense for the sins you commit! No, you choose, rather, to create a psycho-drama, and dwell in a foundless belief that (whiny tone) "God could never forgive your grievous offenses"! (normally) So you bring your guilt and your inner decay with you to Hell, where the hoarded imaginations of so many gluttons for punishment gave birth to the sickness that has infected the Abyss since the first one of your kind arrived there, begging to be punished! And in doing so, they have transformed the cold and solitude into pain and misery! I've spent eons, privy to the flames, inhaling the decay, hearing the wail of the damned! I KNOW WHAT EFFECT SUCH HORRORS HAVE ON THE DELICATE PSYCHE OF AN ANGELIC BEING!
(long, poignant pause)
Azrael: I'd rather not exist than go back to that. And if everyone else has to go down with me, so be it.