Quotes: Most Common Superpower

"Why is it that superheroes are always... so good looking?"
Amanda Waller, Justice League Unlimited

Sammy: Well, I have the ability to create a substance that can sustain life, fight infections, improve immune systems and strengthen people.
Superhuman Resources: ...and the source of this power?
Sammy: You've been staring at them since I walked in..."

'Listen, I don't care how my character looks, just make sure she's got really great boobs.' And Josh said, 'Oh, we've got a slider. We can them go up, we can make them go down...' And I was like, Oh my god, of course you do."
Claudia Black on playing Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

"Gravity defying breasts, while impressive, do not count as a super power."

"Possibly the hottest babe of the 8-bit era, with her Veronica Lake hair and huge bazooms."
—K. Thor Jensen on the Dark Queen, UGO.com

"Oh, tits jugs Lulu...I-I-I mean, it's just Lulu."

"Lara Croft's breasts aren't mega enormous any more. No big boobs, no misogyny. They are the canaries of the industry's coal mine."

"It all starts when Superman is contacted by Lois Lane, who for this story arc has apparently taken a part time job as a stripper and started smuggling cantaloupes in a Lara Croft shirt."

"...the art is insanely oversexualized, even by the standards of the guy who broke out doing Aphrodite IX, a book that was essentially about a murderous RealDoll™ in a fetish cheerleader costume. Every woman’s spine looks like a parentheses to the point where even in death, when her entire abdomen has been ripped out and is being eaten, the Wasp is arching her back to display her chest, and the only way Carol Danvers’ breasts make sense is if she’s later revealed to be Half-Kree/Half -Beach Ball."
Chris Sims on Ultimatum

"Lana drops onto the balcony, giving the full-fledged, I-Am-Halle-Berry, Hear-Me-Suck hiss, then doing the Catwoman leap down into the main area...I can just imagine the director. 'With more feeling this time, Kristin!'"

Kristin gives him the thumbs up. 'Rock on. Girl power.'

Welling turns to her, 'Hey, what do you mean girl power? Isn't this denigrating and objectifying you for a—'

'CUT CUT CUT! Can someone get Welling a pacifier?'

'But I was just saying, you know, there's a dichotomy where a woman has to be both smart and pretty, and no one really cares when vapidity is celebrated and brains are—'

'Oh boo hoo hoo. Cry me a river, Welling. I saw
The Fog.'

Welling then runs crying to Michael's trailer for consolation.

Lana: 'Hiss!'
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Thirst")