Quotes / Moral Orel

Orel: There's just so many ways not to be lonely! There are family, friends, faith... Hey, those are all "F" words! I wonder if there are any other ways not to be lonely that start with "F". (concentrates very hard)
Rev. Putty: (after a pause, almost bored) Think of any yet?
Orel: Nope!
Rev. Putty: (genuinely shocked) Wow. You are pure pureness in its purest form. It's almost irritating.

Orel: Dad, how come Chinafoodtown is so far away?
Clay: Actually, it's only deliciously far. Foreign-ly, it's too close.

Mrs.Censordoll (while on the phone with her Mother): No mother, I am not holier than thou— but I am holier than you.

Bloberta: Please, when do you ever remember?
Clay:...all I do is try to forget.