Quotes / Moral Dissonance

Dear Journal, I had a horrible day today. I stopped Count Apocalyptogeddon by tossing a couple dozen cars at him; though I was a little worried he might have bruised a rib. I took a break and explained to some kids that Graffiti is vandalism and like destroying property that's not yours, they seemed to get it. Then when I told a civilian I was taking his car to get to the bank to stop a robbery, he was all pissy about me "stealing" it! The nerve of some people! Oh, and those henchmen Count Apocalyptogeddon hired after the last dozen died sure do bleed a lot, I wonder if club soda can get out blood stains?
Love and liberty, Lady Lumina

"So short is its memory span that although Sever kills, I dunno, maybe 40 Vancouver police officers in an opening battle, by the end, when someone says, 'She's a killer,' Ecks replies, 'She's a mother.'"
Roger Ebert, on Simplistic: Bullets vs. Humans Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

"The story must go on, after all. And to do that, its hero must be a feckless narcissist who endlessly spares only a few. Who preaches to others about how 'Every now and then, a little victim's spared because she smiled, because he's got freckles, because they begged. And that's how you live with yourself. That's how you slaughter millions. Because once in a while, on a whim, if the wind's in the right direction, you happen to be kind.'
And so he is. He'll let one old man live. He'll let one woman struggling with poverty win the lottery and thus become one of the lucky few whose social mobility provides moral justification for the poverty of the rest."
El Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The End of Time"

"Voyager comes to the aid of an 'oppressed' civilisation. I know she is duped but lets not forget that Janeway willingly wakes up a battalion of an aggressive, homicidal species and inflicts them upon the Quadrant in order to get a handful of light years closer to home. Why isnít there any hard hitting conversation between Janeway and Chakotay in this episode ala Equinox Part II? This looks like the perfect opportunity for the First Officer to question his Captainís decision but instead he is falling asleep on the Bridge... Is it my imagination or did Voyager sweep in and play God with this species and then duck out of the fight when it started and leave the Vaadwaur and the Turei to have it out? With absolutely no moral consequences whatsoever! I canít believe that it was Seven who was apologising when it was Janeway who made all the bad calls in this episode!"
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Dragon's Teeth"

"Oh really? Oh that's good, I like that. 'Stealing is wrong,' especially coming hot off the heels of all the weird diabolical evil shit we just had to pull in Pagan. 'Stealing is wrong.' You know why I like that so much? It's because the entire moral argument of Ultima VIII is that virtue and honour are never as simple as black and white, that oftentimes, a lesser evil must be countenanced to achieve the greater good. This is demonstrated by your many acts of theft in Pagan, the manipulation and betrayal of several people which directly results in their gory deaths, forming alliances with evil forces like the Necromancers and the Diabolists so you can master their clearly evil black magics and use them to escape, graverobbing, several acts of wanton murder including the slaughter of many, many children, and the summoning of archdemons to commit murder on your behalf. Oh, and releasing vengeful gods upon the world to wreak untold devastation on an unwitting populace while you selfishly work to amass more power and abandon them to their fates. So you'd think if anyone could appreciate the moral grey area of petty theft by now, it'd be the goddamn Avatar.."

Shamino: If you could summon a creature native to the Abyss that possesses magic, that creature should be able to defeat the ritual... but that means summoning a great demon. Is it right that we use such a force of evil, even if it aids us in our quest?
Avatar: We may do as we please, so long as no others are harmed by our actions.
Spoony: Really. Okay, that's new. Guy's all over the fucking map at this point! Remember, kids: it's okay to perform blood rituals and summon archdemons, just so long as you're really careful that no-one gets hurt!
Avatar: Stealing is wrong.
[Cut to the Avatar summoning Pyros]
Spoony: I would pay ten thousand dollars to see where that shit's written in the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The Avatar's system of morality is so fucked up by now, you've really got to wonder how he can say any of this shit with a straight face.
The Spoony Experiment, commenting on another particularly stupid instance of this trope in Ultima IX

It's not so much about Graham as about the reactions and repercussions of Regina murdering him — or, as the case is, the lack thereof. It's just another one of the villains' crimes that have no repercussions whatsoever. Meanwhile, Emma saves an innocent life and it's treated as The Worst Thing Ever.
— A commentator on Previously TV sums up the bizarre moral underpinnings of Once Upon a Time.

Is it acceptable to kill people to save more people? The answer, of course, is that it depends on whether itís the hero doing it or the villain.
Dr. Phil Sandifer on Torchwood, "Reset"