->''"Now she is going to make the Creator/{{Disney}} face: her lip is going to quiver and [[PuppyDogEyes her eyes]] will flutter but they won't ever actually close, but ''do not'' feel sorry for her!"''
-->-- '''Jeff Winger''' about '''Annie Edison,''' ''Series/{{Community}}''

->'''Gibbs''' ''[quoting someone else]'': "Her eyes just screamed, 'Help me!'"
->'''Tony''': I love that look on a woman.
-->-- ''Series/{{NCIS}}''

->(913): Very cute, but more “I wanna put you in my pocket and keep you as a pet” and less “please bang me” type of cute.
-->-- ''[[{{WebSite/TextsFromLastNight}} Texts From Last Night]]''

->His appeal didn't spring from any sort of trustiness, but instead from the feeling that if left to his own devices he'd probably end up walking off a cliff somehow -- he evoked a strange sort of protective instinct in people.
-->--''LightNovel/{{Baccano}} 1933 - The Slash''

->'''Haruhi:''' In this situation, moe is an important concept to keep in mind.\\
'''Kyon:''' Sorry, what'd you say?\\
'''Haruhi:''' Moe! Moe! This girl's a prime example of moe. It's a rule that in stories with strange things going on, you need to have one moe character. Someone with [[{{Meganekko}} glasses]], or in a [[{{Meido}} maid costume]] or anything fetishy. It's essential! And that's just the beginning! She's tiny but she's got [[GagBoobs bigger breasts than me]]! I mean, look at these things! They're immense! This is another important aspect of moe.\\
'''Kyon:''' Indeed. ''[...]'' So Haruhi, you brought this girl, Miss Asahina, all the way up here just because she happens to be cute, tiny and extremely well-endowed? Is that what you're trying to tell me?\\
'''Haruhi:''' That's right!\\
'''Kyon:''' ''She truly is an idiot.''
-->--''[[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]]'', Episode 1

->''That girl... how do I say this... she has this aura that seems like a little child, right? Like you can't just leave her alone, or like it kinda tickles your maternal instincts...''
-->--'''Kyou''' about '''[[CloudCuckooLander Kotomi]]''' from ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}''

->''She does look kinda weak, but it only makes me wanna protect her, ya know?''
-->--'''Junpei Iori''' about Fuuka Yamagishi from ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}''

->''The power of cute compels you!''
-->-- '''Yui and Ritsu''', ''Manga/KOn''