-> Pregnant you are!
->-- Jedi Master [[CloudCuckooLander Yaddle]], to everyone in her clinic regardless of sex, in "Maul Kills the Rabbit", ''Fanfic/SithAcademy''

->'''Doc:''' How do I say this, your friend is...
->'''Church:''' Why are you pausing? [[TheDitz Caboose]] is not gonna interrupt you this time.
->'''Doc:''' No, that was just for [[DramaticPause dramatic effect]]. He's pregnant.
->'''Caboose:''' Oh, good... Wait, ''what?''
->'''[[FusionDance O'Malley]]:''' Hmhmhmhmhm, preggers, [[EvilLaugh muahaha]]!
->'''Church:''' All right, are we ''paying'' for this service? Because, if we are, I want a refund. And if we're not, I want a refund anyway.
-->-- ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'', Episode 76

->'''Dave:''' I mean, Helen's something special. I've fallen for women before, but never like this. I look at her, and I see myself spending my life with her... I see us growing old together... I see myself bearing her children...
->'''Artie:''' Er, don't you mean you see ''her'' bearing ''your''--
->'''Dave:''' [[MadScience No, I'm trying to be realistic about this]].
-->-- ''{{Webcomic/Narbonic}}''

->'''Greg:''' When I got home that night,\\
'''Colin:''' My ovaries did swell,\\
'''Ryan:''' I puffed up like Jiffy-Pop\\
'''Wayne:''' ...I'm a ''dude!'' What the '''''hell!'''''
-->-- ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway?'', the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R476ZZxCWg "Got Pregnant on a Date" Irish Drinking Song]]

->''"I was watching Creator/AnimalPlanet, did you know that the male seahorse has the baby? And I was thinking, 'Why don't they just call that the female seahorse?' You know it's just some stubborn scientist:''\\
'' 'Yeah, that one there's the male seahorse.' ''\\
'' 'Uh, Bill, that one's having a baby.' ''\\
'' '...the male has the baby. You're fired.'"''
-->-- '''Creator/JimGaffigan'''

->''“Well, there’s good news – you've had a baby; the bad news, [[spoiler:it’s blown your cock off!]]”''
-->-- '''Hugh Dennis''', ''Series/MockTheWeek''.

->'''Frylock:''' Meatwad, you cannot possibly be pregnant!\\
'''Meatwad:''' Why not?\\
'''Frylock:''' Because you're a... you're... you're a... ...damn it, you're a male!\\
'''Meatwad:''' Really? ''Awesome!'' I always wanted a gender!
-->-- "Gee Whiz", ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce''

->'''Stan:''' I want to have babies.\\
'''Reg:''' You want to have babies?!?!\\
'''Stan:''' It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them.\\
'''Reg:''' But ... you can't HAVE babies!\\
'''Stan:''' Don't you oppress me!\\
'''Reg:''' I'm not oppressing you, Stan. You haven't got a womb! Where's the fetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?

->'''M-Preg''': Since there exists no fanfic genre of ‘M-PMT’ or ‘M-bloody awful period pain’, this is one outlet to make your characters get all the suffering of being female with none of the benefits. Bwahahaahahaa!
-->--''FanFic/BagEnders'', [[http://web.archive.org/web/20040803004651/bagenders.stormpages.com/story/define.html The Horrifically Honest Guide to Fanfiction Terms]]

->"''I am Kirk and Spock's illegitimate butt baby. ... Kock.''"
-->-- '''Andy Dick'''

->'''Neil:''' But that's impossible!
->'''Vyvyan:''' Yeah, that's what she said! You just can't trust women, can you?

->'''Blutarch Mann:''' Redmond, we have engaged in a ''fruitless war'' for a hundred years. We have no heirs. And now we are out of time. Thanks to our pointless bickering, the Mann family line will die with us. It kills me to even ''say'' it, but I think you know what I intend to propose.\\
'''Redmond Mann:''' I despise it with ''every atom of my being...'' but yes. It's the only solution that makes sense.\\
'''Blutarch Mann:''' Redmond, I propose a ''truce.'' So that we can build a machine to make one of us pregnant.\\
'''Redmond Mann:''' Mm. Of course.\\
'''Blutarch Mann:''' My one concern, brother... is it possible this plan is ''too'' perfect?\\
'''Redmond Mann:''' Difficult to say. Honestly, I can find no flaw in it.\\
'''Blutarch Mann:''' Nor I, So it's a deal?\\
'''Redmond Mann:''' Yes.\\
'''Blutarch Mann:''' I must say, Redmond -- it ''was'' big of you to suggest this meeting. That tear-stained letter you sent me...\\
'''Redmond Mann:''' What? You sent ''me'' a tear-stained letter.\\
'''[[spoiler:Gray Mann]]:''' ''Gentlemen!'' My name is [[spoiler:Gray Mann]]. I am [[spoiler:your brother]]. And ''I'' sent the letters proposing this truce. Which, I might add, it took you literally thirty seconds to turn into an idiotic crime against nature. Congratulations.
-->-- ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', ''[[SupplementalMaterial/TeamFortress2 Blood Brothers]]''

->''"[[HomosexualReproduction I bear Nyarko's child]], the boy bears mine."''
-->--'''[[HaremSeeker Cuuko]]''', ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan''