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Quotes: Min-Maxing
Black Mage: That plan is stupid, and so is your face.
Red Mage: Ah, that is one of the unfortunate drawbacks for those with low charisma.

I don't make the crazy rules, I just twist them to my purposes.

I will stop referring to the Power Gamer as MinMaximus.

Obi-Wan: Is this really a first-level character? How did you get such a high Repair rank?
R2-D2: I took Short. And Mute. 8 extra skill points.
GM: Speaking of which, you should really only be beeping and whistling right now.
R2-D2: Don't be stupid; it only applies when I'm talking in character.
GM: But you guys never talk in character!
GM: Oh.
R2-D2: You are enlightened.
Forgath: How is it that you can't read? Ever since 3.0, everyone but barbarians can read!
Minmax: I traded it for +1 to hit.
Forgath: Another +1? What's your to-hit bonus now?
Minmax: You don't wanna know.

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