Quotes / Million-to-One Chance

"Million-to-once chances crop up nine times out of ten."

And once again, Probability proves itself willing to sneak into a back alley and service Drama as would a copper-piece harlot.
Vaarsuvius, The Order of the Stick

"This operation had a zero percent chance of succeeding, but it seems that theoretical calculations are pointless with you."

Bunty: The chances of us getting out of here are about a million to one!
Ginger: Then there's still a chance.

''"The percentages mean nothing. A brave heart will overcome any odds."

"Give it your best shot! I am 100% certain you're returning from this battle, Travis. ...In a body bag."
Sylvia, offering her usual "words of encouragement" before everynote  boss battle, in No More Heroes.

"The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one," he said
The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one.
But still, they come!

Sergeant Colon looked wretched. "Weeell, what if it's not a million-to-one chance?" he said.
Nobby stared at him.
"What d'you mean?" he said.
"Well, all right, last desperate million-to-one chances always work, right, no problem, but...well, it's pretty wossname, specific. I mean, isn't it?"
"You tell me," said Nobby.
"What if it's just a thousand-to-one chance?" said Colon agonizedly.
"Anyone ever heard of a thousand-to-one shot coming up?"
Carrot looked up. "Don't be daft, Sergeant," he said. "No one ever saw a thousand-to-one chance come up. The odds against it are—" his lips moved—"millions to one."
"Yeah. Millions," agreed Nobby.
"So it'd only work if it's your actual million-to-one chance," said the sergeant.
"I suppose that's right," said Nobby.
"So 999,943-to-one, for example—" Colon began.
Carrot shook his head. "Wouldn't have a hope. No one ever said, 'It's a 999,943-to-one chance but it just might work.'"

"Fate laughs at probabilities."

Nia: The likelihood of that is infinitely close to zero.
Simon: Maybe, but it isn't zero. As far as I'm concerned, that makes it the same as a 100% chance.
Gurren Lagann Episode 22