->''"I've never seen anyone understand what it's like to be American more than the makers of ''Metal Wolf Chaos'', and I once watched a man die during a pie eating contest from alcohol poisoning."''
-->--''Website/{{Cracked}}'', [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-6-most-american-things-that-arent-made-in-america/ The 6 Most American Things That Aren't Made in America]]

->'''Michael''': Jodie, how's my schedule look for today?\\
'''Jodie''': You've got a conference and dinner party at the Japanese Embassy regarding wildlife protection.\\
'''Michael''': Oh, yeah...sorry, but I'll have to cancel that. I'm heading out to ''save America''!

-->--'''Michael''', [[SayMyName too many times to count]]


->"'''''SUCK ON MY MISSILE PUNCH!!'''''"
-->--'''Michael [[spoiler:actually an impostor]]'''