Quotes / Meganekko

"Glasses. An imperfection, they put you on the dork's level, instead of intimidatingly above it."
Robin, Shortpacked!

"She is the most bewitching bespectabled beauty I've ever...beheld."
Yosuke Hanamura, referring to Chihiro Fushimi

"Some of us think we look kind of cute with our glasses."

Topher!Victor: Glasses?
Topher: Glasses on a chain!
Toper!Victor: For the win!

"So you, uh, you like them bespectacled..."
Dr. Block, The Nostalgia Chick, "The Sexual Awakening of Nerds"

"Now I am imagining Christina Hendricks with short hair and chunky glasses and I need to be alone for a little while"
Jeph Jacques, via Twitter