Quotes / Mega Crossover

... any of you who arenít so juvenile as to believe that cramming dozens of characters from works you are not affiliated with into a narrative is an acceptable form of storytelling will have already learned that there is, in fact, a limit to what you can write if you wish to be accepted by those you seek to emulate. Readers who are of that opinion will go through puberty sooner or later, and I donít mind waiting around for them to reevaluate their priorities.

"I am Ayanami Rei shar Atrados tal Vader," she said, "Padawan-in-Shadows to His Divine Shadow Darth Anakyn shar Atrados tal Vader, Grand Duke of Caladan, Chancellor of Santov, and Dark Lord of the Ancient and Obtenebrated Order of the Sith; journeywoman of the Asagiri Katsujinkenryuu; implacable foe of Big Fire. I will not rest until the twisted evil of Big Fire is extinguished from this galaxy... and my war begins here."