Quotes: Mean Character, Nice Actor


What's up people, this is Niles Gray, AKA Tribe One. You may know me as the evil villain Demonos, but in real life, I will give you a cupcake and a hug.
Niles Gray

I keep getting cast as the asshole in everything. I promise I'm a nice guy.
Dave Franco

I loved working with Clancy Brown. He’s awesome and so not that character. In real life he’s this nice dad, a family man, and kind of low key. He’s really a gentle giant.

I don't get to do it in real life, so I've got to get to do it somewhere... But it makes my wife wonder sometimes; how I can do such terrible things, and do it so convincingly. She thinks there's a mean streak in me that's waiting to come out.
Sam Behrens on Sunset Beach

Congratulations on your first season of television. Everyone hates you.

On works

Finally confirming that she is stark staring bollocking mad, Tegan suggests going back to save Adric. Tegan is the embodiment of the ‘wants what she can’t have’ individual, she has spent the whole season arguing, bitching and beating up Adric and now he is gone she says she will miss him. In the same vein she has made such a fuss about reaching Heathrow, and when they finally make it, she bursts into tears at the thought of being left behind by the Doctor and Nyssa. What the hell? Is it that she just likes a moan? I can only come to the conclusion that she will never be pleased. Go with me here because I'm going to sound a little loony tunes myself, but I am starting to wish that JNT had let Janet Fielding play herself as Tegan rather than forcing her into the characterisation as decreed by Eric Saward and his merry band of writers. It is clear from the commentaries, featurettes and behind the scenes extras over at Big Finish that she is a witty, observant and enjoyable woman to spend time with — the complete opposite of the character that she was shaped into on this show. JNT obviously saw some of those qualities in Janet Fielding and then proceeded to let his script editor stamp them all out over three years. It's devastating. Fielding comments that Tegan has a personality but not a character and that is an extremely intelligent observation and not something I had thought of before.