Quotes / McLeaned

"My contract is up in May and I tried to negotiate in good faith... Usually, one expects some give and take but the powers that be are adamant. They now feel that the character of Stefano should take a rest — as if Stefano ever rests."
Joseph Mascolo on life as a coma patient, Days of Our Lives, 2001

"What should have been a piece that celebrated these characters and saw them embarking on their next adventure (a bit like School Reunion did in Doctor Who with Sarah Jane), Jump the Shark decides that the world would be much better off without the Lone Gunmen and brings in the remaining characters from their failed TV series to watch them be executed. There is a fatalistic tone to the whole piece, like putting a dog down that hasn't lived up to scratch...Reports suggest that the studio hated the characters after their aborted TV series and it was a real fight to convince them to make this piece."

Matt: Jean asks Cyclops to take off his sunglasses... Then they make out a little, and Scott's skin goes all wavy.
Chris: Then we cut away, and I want to stress here that Cyclops just died. I say this because the first time I saw this movie, I spent like 45 minutes waiting for him to come back... I'd always heard that Marsden's part got cut as a revenge thing for defecting over to Warner Bros. and his role as Jason White in Superman Returns, but I'm not sure if there's any truth to that at all. It seems a little suspect, especially since appearing in Superman Returns is its own punishment.
— Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men: The Last Stand