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Quotes: McLeaned
"Cyclops suffers the ultimate indignity, with only two short scenes and an off-screen death. This was due to the actor being cast in Superman Returns, as if we needed more reasons to dislike that movie."
The Agony Booth, "Franchise Evolution: Which X-Men movie is the best?"

Matt: Jean asks Cyclops to take off his sunglasses... Then they make out a little, and Scottís skin goes all wavy.
Chris: Then we cut away, and I want to stress here that Cyclops just died. I say this because the first time I saw this movie, I spent like 45 minutes waiting for him to come back...Iíd always heard that Marsdenís part got cut as a revenge thing for defecting over to Warner Bros. and his role as Jason White in Superman Returns, but Iím not sure if thereís any truth to that at all. It seems a little suspect, especially since appearing in Superman Returns is its own punishment.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men 3: The Last Stand

"Yar was a hard as brass balls officer who could hold her own but was not afraid to get down and dirty with an android when she'd had enough to drink. She grew up on an anarchic planet dodging rape gangs. She was specifically requested to work on the Enterprise, the flagship of the Federation, because she once saved a colonist by crossing a live minefield.

Then, on a visit to Vagra II, she got eaten by a tar monster.

The fact was that Denise Crosby, the actress playing Tasha Yar, was promised a hard as brass balls role and as often as not wound up with acting directions that amounted to 'Jog down the corridor without a bra.' But rather than deal with it through her agent or grit her teeth and remember that at least she wasn't wearing a cleavage-heavy dress like the ship's counselor, rumor has it Crosby took her ire straight to the writers. It wasn't the wisest of moves."

Cracked, "10 Most Implausible, Unpleasant, And Infuriating Ways Sci-fi Shows Kill Off Main Characters"

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