Quotes / Master of Unlocking

"Nothing's ever locked"
Jack Wilder, the Master of Unlocking from Now You See Me.

Batou: [Breaks down door]
Togusa: Why do we need to be so rough? I could have opened that door without leaving a scratch.
Batou: [Smirks] A commendable skill. But way too slow.

"Oh, I can pick that open easy!"
Tomi Undergallows, Neverwinter Nights

Tex: There it is, bust the lock and this teleporter will take us up top-
York: Woah, woah, you said an encrypted lock, this is a holographic lock.
Tex: Is there a difference?
York: Yeah, hence the two names.
Tex: So can you open it or not?
York: Course I can, it's just much harder, I just brought it up 'cause I wanted you to realise how kick-ass I am.
Red vs. Blue: Out Of Mind, episode 4

"Hickory dickory dock. Cain has picked his lock."
Cain, Raising Cain

Trinity: I need a download to hotwire a motorcycle.
Link: Not a problem, one crash course in motorcycle...
Keymaker: *gives her exactly the key she needs*
Trinity: Wait. Cancel that. *hangs up* You are handy.