Quotes / Marathon Level

Pit: Soooo... Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet?"
Viridi: You know that saying that there are no bad questions? Well, there are, and this is one of them. WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!!
— Kid Icarus: Uprising, chapter 19

Guitar Guy (Kyle Justin): Does this level ever end?
AVGN (James Rolfe):That's right, we're still playing the first level! You could beat Contra in the time it takes you to beat one fucking stage here!
Guitar Guy: I'm sick of staring at the same terrain.
AVGN: Yeah, it looks like we're walking on a giant chocolate chip cookie... growin' mold!
Guitar Guy: Chocolate chip cookie that fell out of somebody's ass.
AVGN: *laughs* Why would it have been in someone's ass?
*time passes*
AVGN: Alright, well this has to be the end. Once we get to the other side of this bridge.
Guitar Guy: Nope.
AVGN: Oh my god, it's still going on. Okay, well, the boss! Uh, once we beat the boss, that's gotta be the end. *defeats the "boss"*
Guitar Guy: *shakes head*
AVGN: It's still going! This is a fucking marathon!
*time passes*
AVGN: This is one level… this is the longest level in video gaming history. Is there a… a checkpoint? A… something?! It just… it just goes on! And on! And on!
Guitar Guy: And that fucking music! Please stop!

Okay, Toei, answer me - what's the deal with this endless loop...?

I've been marching for miles, ending the lives of countless men,

and an hour of my life has passed.

I haven't fought any bosses yet.

"After I cross the seventh checkpoint, I start to wonder where the end of the damn stage is!"