Quotes / Make Me Wanna Shout

'"'WEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL.... you know you make me wanna (Shout!)"''
—Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie (Lulu), 1964

"I do not need
A microphone!
My voice is fuckin'

"We thought the aliens would use the traditional heat ray, but instead they're equipped with a weapon that destroys through high-frequency sound oscillation. The infernal device has shattered every wine glass in the area. Any soldier who stands still for twenty minutes is in deadly peril."
Commander Kotay, Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

The power of a Nord can be articulated into a shout, like the kiai of an Akaviri swordsman. The strongest of their warriors are called "Tongues." When the Nords attack a city, they take no siege engines or cavalry; the Tongues form in a wedge in front of the gatehouse, and draw in breath. When the leader lets it out in a kiai, the doors are blown in, and the axemen rush into the city.
Children of the Sky, The Elder Scrolls