Quotes / Make It Look Like an Accident

"With all due respect, Donbot, I don't really think we should rely on an accident to happen. Let's kill him ourselves."
Joey Mousepad, Futurama

Mr. Furious: Seems there was a little controversy there regarding your father's death.
The Bowler: Yeah. The police said he fell down an elevator shaft. Onto some bullets.

Morgus: Krau Timmin, the most appalling thing has happened. His Excellency...
Timmin: Not the President?
Morgus: Yes, it was all over in a second. I had no time to stop him. This is a tragic loss to the world.
Timmin: It's dreadful, sir. And that it should have happened in this building.
Morgus: Yes, yes, I am deeply distressed, Krau Timmin.
Timmin: Naturally you must be, sir.
Morgus: Still, it could have been worse.
Timmin: In what way, Trau Morgus?
Morgus: It could have been me.

Eggplant Wizard: No! Wait! It was an accident!
"I will not waste time making my enemy's death look like an accident — I'm not accountable to anyone, and my other enemies wouldn't believe it."
Evil Overlord List, Cellblock A

"I'll make it look like an accident
I'll make it look like he was trying to hurt me
I'll make it seem like I was innocent
I'll make him wish he had never met me
I'll make it look like a suicide
I'll make it look like it was meant to be
I'll make it seem like I was innocent
I'll make the strychnine taste like raspberry tea"
Hannah Fury, "The Necklace Of Marie Antoinette"

"What I do requires a certain mindset. I do assignments; designated targets. Some jobs need to look like accidents. Others must cast suspicion on someone else. A select few need to send a clear message. Pulling a trigger is easy. The best jobs are the ones nobody even knows you were there."
Arthur Bishop, The Mechanic (2011)

Wallace: I heard about Matthew. I'm sorry. Car accident, right?
Wallace: That'll explain why Neurath didn't live to stand trial in Paraguay...
Lena: That was an accident!
Servalan: Section Leader Grose, what happened to Colonel Astrid?
Grose: Colonel Astrid — uh, he met with an accident.
Servalan: And his second in command?
Grose: He met with an accident, too.
Lector: Yeah, it was a very bad time for accidents.
Servalan: I see. And you assumed full command.
Grose: Of course — the demands of duty. I was next in line.
Servalan: You were just a section leader aboard a flagship, serving under two pilot captains and a brigade commander. Did they all meet with accidents too?
Blake's 7, "Moloch"