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Strawberryflavored: So far, it looks like N has the highest amount of votes barring any write ins.
Fawriel: N actually overtook Waluigi. Huh.
Isaac comes close, too. Good.
Magcargo Man: *Spit Take*
— On the results of a character fan poll for Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros thread.

Steven: I remember the days some people wanted a Smash Bros version of Mario Kart, but instead of karts, everyone had their own ride, like Falcon in his F-Zero car, Link on the horse, etc.
Magcargo Man: I don't think they should do a Super Smash Kart until they make a Mario Kart game that actually has a good roster.
Steven: So basically, never?

Durazno: Pac-Man actually has a surprisingly detailed mythology. Surprisingly detailed in that it exists at all, I mean.
It features such wonders as their ancestors, the Neanderpacs, and the legendary hero Sir Pac-a-lot.
Magcargo Man: Sir Pac-A-Lot was a hero during the time of the plague, which was carried by Pac-Rats.
— On the chance of Pac-Man being in Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: I look foward to the fifth Smash Bros game, Super Smash Bros Irene. Featuring 100 "unique" characters who all have slight variations on Captain Falcon's moveset. My mains will be Mario, who knows Fireball Punch, which does the same as Falcon Punch, but with 0.02% less knockback, and Snake, with his slightly weaker Grenade Punch, which does explosion damage rather than fire damage.
Tommy X: I sense hostility.
— On the future of Super Smash Bros. if people keep supporting clone characters, Super Smash Bros thread.

Xion Ga Taosenai: It should be noted that when Sakurai announced that he would be keeping new characters added to a minimum, I jumped for joy.
Magcargo Man: O_O
— On a very disturbing revelation, Super Smash Bros thread.

Twentington: I hate the show regardless of season. Moving on...
Chariot: >Hers
I am a guy.
Magcargo Man: Well, it'd be less confusing if people didn't pick avatars of the opposite gender to their real ones. :P
Maybe TV Tropes needs to add Gender Symbols, as in those ones next to Pokemon names (I don't know what they are called, hence the Pokemon reference).
Anomalocaris 20: Avatar association.
...I wonder if I'm seen as a hideous tentacled shellfish.

rmctagg09: While I was showering a thought came to me. To my understanding Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the Nintendo Network are incompatible. If that's true, how are we going to transfer our Pokemon once we finally make the jump to the 3DS? Some sort of website? Are we going to start over a la Gen II-III again?
Magcargo Man: If that happens I am going to sit huddled in the corner.
— A troubling realisation, Pokemon in general thread.

Scardoll: Fly is essentially a free switch into something that will maul your flier, or a free turn to set up with an entry hazard or a stat pumper like Swords Dance.
Magcargo Man: "or a free turn to set up with an entry hazard"
— Just some trollin', Pokemon in general thread.

Bookyangel 2438: I like Fly. :)
Magcargo Man: I do too, but those competitive types won't let it fly.
Anomalocaris 20: It's not "those competitive types" who won't let it fly, it's anyone except mindless in-game NPC's who won't let it fly. Even if they aren't setting up with stat moves, just about ANYONE can switch out to someone resistant to it.
Heck, even in-game, the "real" opponent teams (Such as in battle facilities, gym leader rematches, or even the Elite 4 generally) never use those moves.
I won't deny they're useful in-game for the player to use though, since the opponents never switch out to a different Pokemon.
Pulse: Well, Gym Leaders and similar do, sometimes.
But mostly, yeah, they don't switch.
Magcargo Man: So basically, we're grounded?
— Doin' some puns, Pokemon in general thread.

Jawbone: ...we just need the Stun Club as a pickup. Like the Beam Sword in Smash Bros. ONLY IT'S ACTUALLY FROM A GAME.
Magcargo Man: Just like how Kingdom Hearts is "Disney meets Final Fantasy" despite the fact that the actual Final Fantasy characters are only cameos and the actual cast is more like "Disney meets Original Generation"? :P

Vertigo High: I'm not gonna lie, that class sound kind of stupid.
Sounds like a perfect way to ruin pokemon :/
Saiga: I agree.
Magcargo Man: Please, people have ruined Pokemon way before that. :P
Hydronix: So true, MM, so true.
Although a video game-based class does sound fun.
Saiga: What?
— You can't ruin the already-ruined, Pokemon in general thread.

WackyPancake: Magcargo burning at 18000F degrees is so unrealistic that not only does it kill the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, it ties it up, beats it with a baseball bat, cuts it up in tiny little pieces, and mails them to it's mother one by one. It's that bad.
WackyPancake: That too.
Adannor: MM, just my position:
2000F slug made of living magma that can will not to burn somebody is cool.
Same slug being 18000F is bull.
Magcargo Man: He's a snail. :P
— Pokemon are really hax, Pokemon in general thread.

Magcargo Man: I know what sweet is! I have a walkthrough for all the berry flavours on Pokémon. :P
Corr Terek: Okay, so you know the meaning, but do you know the essence?
Anomalocaris 20: Well, I can't fix that, so I have to decide what to do now.
Magcargo Man: Hold your head up and march foward. The past is the past, and don't let anyone stop you.
— Sage advice, Pokemon in general thread.

Waxing Name: So how are the tiers shaping up?
And DO NOT give that TIRES DON EXITS crap.
Waxing Name: Crap, forgot about that other crap.
Theboywonder I was making fun of capcom's regular habits. Not their recent....difficulties.
Magcargo Man: Notice how "difficulties" has the letters d, l and c in it? :P
Bad Wolf 21: Okay, now we're going into the zone we didn't want to go to.
— Capcom Bashing Time!, Super Smash Bros thread

Magcargo Man: "It's cool, but it gets kinda boring, and it's really grating especially after being in one of those cave levels for so long."
I have always wanted to post this epic remix that should be in the game and isn't boring at all:
0dd1: Meh. Generic fantasy orchestral music mixed with generic electronica that doesn't sound much like the original song. It's more energetic once it picks up in the middle, but still sounds really generic, but I'm just really meh on it. Also, I could've sworn I heard the Star Wars Cantina theme in there somewhere.
Magcargo Man: "Oh lordy. You know, I thought a game like that would be like a one time thing, but now I think Paper Mario is dead."
Are they planning on more Paper Marios like Sticker Star? *is worried*
Marioguy128: Sticker Star wasn't a bad game by any means, but I was fine with it being a one time thing. It just had way too many problems for me to want another game like that.
Read the interview dude. And for the record, the answer is a highly probable yes.
Komodin: ... Actually, I don't mind this too much.
Hydronix: Eh. I prefer more story and partners. It's not bad by any means, but I also am not one to like requiring a simple sticker to perform a basic jump/hammer attack. I don't mind for other kinds or unique moves, etc.
But eh.
Marioguy128: Actually, make that a definite yes.
"We worked hard so that this game would become the new standard for future Paper Mario games, so please play it to the fullest!"
Fill out those Club Nintendo surveys thoroughly people. They actually read those!
Magcargo Man: "We worked hard so that this game would become the new standard for future Paper Mario games"
— My reaction to the future of Paper Mario, General Mario Thread.

His entire moveset consists of dying in many disturbing ways which somehow didn't stop his game from getting rated E for Everyone. :P
Beary Scary: :P
— Yeah, I kinda rediscovered Heart of Darkness recently, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale thread

Magcargo Man: All it did was remind me that one of these characters could have made it in, but Konami was being like Capcom.
Corr Terek: Raiden is awesome. Snake's already had his mascot fighter debut.
Corr Terek: Never said it was.
Ryuhza:Well, then at the time of his inclusion in Smash, he'd also already had his mascot fighter debut. What's the holdup now?
Corr Terek: Yes, yes, we know. Advertisement, how horrible.
Belian: I haven't been following the thread, but I just wanted to point out that the Yogscast did an ~6 hour live-stream (as part of their charity drive) focused on the Wii U. Primary focus was on the New Super Mario game, the picture-to-mii conversion, and the "theme park."
I must say, the "theme park" attractions look quite fun even if I don't want to get a Wii U myself until more games that I am interested in are out and the price goes down a bit.
Zelenal: Theme park? Nintendo Land?
Zelenal: I... probably deserved that.
Handsome Rob: Yes! Vengeance!!!!
— Revenge!, Wii U thread

Anomalocaris 20: You know what would be fun? If every character were Groose.
Magcargo Man: A mode where everyone has Groose's head!
Anomalocaris 20: And Groose's theme is the only thing that plays.
Zarek: "A mode where everyone has Groose's head."
— One of the greatest ideas for Smash Bros ever, Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: There are so many similarities between Toon Link and Link that anyone who says they aren't clones should go get a CAT Scan.
— The best part of my clone character analysis, Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: "Same goes to the Pokémon that can learn Surf. Never knew that Nidoking and Nidoqueen could learn it, though. Or Lickitung, Rhydon, Kangaskhan, Tauros, Cubchoo, Beartic and Stunfisk. Huh."
Obviously, Lickitung surfs by Tongueboarding.
— Sorry, couldn't resist a SpongeBob reference, Pokemon X and Y - Gen VI for the 3DS thread.

Hero Shepherd: way is Patrick Star in the game? I don't get it
Magcargo Man: Because SpongeBob was too mainstream.
— At least didn't instigate the reference this time, General Mario Thread

Magcargo Man: Ahh, Autocorrect. The bane of textual communication. :P
— Wise words, Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: Ahh, Tournaments. Where summoning a Banana is A.O.K but the game summoning one is considered unfair. :P
— Tournament Logic, how do they work?, Super Smash Bros thread.

ramuf: Necro'd

*thread remains dead after this*

Jinxmenow: Maybe in a few years time we'll upgrade to seven posts.
— Ironically, my post was more of a necro than the actual intended necro post, Fans of famous youtubers unite! thread.

Magcargo Man: Sometimes I just talk to myself to hide the pain.
— Being ignored (at first), Super Smash Bros thread.

Rinsankajugin: They could also change the minions into assist characters if they want, but that's their choice. What do you guys think?
Magcargo Man: I think the minions should be jettisoned into space...
— The fate that should befall Playstation All-Stars' stupidest feature, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale thread.

K Soni K: How come nobody seems to have noticed the link I put suggesting that Pichu may be in Project M?
0dd1: Something I've kinda wondered for a bit...why haven't the devs ever taken the opportunity to make cameos of themselves in the game? Like, maybe a reflection in a trophy, a secret hidden image in a menu, hell, maybe even a trophy of one of themselves.
I can just imagine, a Sakurai trophy is earned once you unlock every possible thing in the game :D
Magcargo Man: Sakurai trophy description:
"I am your god. I also made Kirby."
Appearances: Your life
— Accurate prediction of Trophy description, Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: The only trap I see is the trap of believing there is a trap where there isn't a trap. That's the true trap. :P

Magcargo Man: Mario didn't even get a new character in Brawl. In fact, it dropped one.
— Talking about the Mario roster in the series, Super Smash Bros thread.

Nap1100: hector fans still crying in a corner
Magcargo Man: Toon Link fans who know he has wasted potential still crying in a corner.
Nap1100: At least Toon Link is in. I still want my axe users in Smash and a single move from Villager isn't enough.
Magcargo Man: At least Villager is in. I still want my Skull Hammer, Deku Leaf and non-clone moveset.
Nap1100: The Villager isn't a lord who lost his entire family to tuberculosis and still manages to press on and crush things with his own improvised fighting style.
It's not the same.
Magcargo Man: [WMG]He smiles all the time to hide his pain.
Nap1100: This thread suddenly got extremely depressing.
— Villager's backstory unvealed, Super Smash Bros thread.

Magcargo Man: "Speaking of which, I was really disappointed in Brawl's opening- It's just a bunch of recycled clips from SSE and some gameplay footage."
[WMG]The opening wasn't full CGI because people put Melee's up on YouTube.[WMG]:P
Enlong: ......
— Awkward silence, Super Smash Bros thread.