Quotes / Made from Real Girl Scouts

"Interested? [This Baby Oil is] the real thing, of course. Thousands of mewling, mortal babies went into the making of the stuff."
Vrishika, , Planescape: Torment

Waiter: Sir?
Lt. Frank Drebin: Gimme the strongest thing you got.
[Waiter brings over a greased-up muscle man. Drebin flounders]
Lt. Frank Drebin: Uh... on second thought, how about a black Russian?
Waiter: Very well sir. [raises eyebrow, looks at camera, shakes head and walks off]

Monster in the Darkness: Are you sure I can't just eat one of the short ones? I'm so hungry!
Xykon: Tell you what, we'll stop at the first village we see and get you a Kid's Meal.
Monster in the Darkness: Ooooh! Will it have a toy surprise?
Xykon: No, but it will have real kids.

Imca: I found this in the fridge.
Asagi: Annnnnnnd?
(Imca points to the fine print on the label: "Made with 100% real dog.")
Asagi: Ohhhhhhhhhhh. This is the last time I let Prinny #24085325 do the shopping.

Spider Bakesale down and to the right. Come eat food made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!