Quotes: Made from Real Girl Scouts

"Interested? It's the real thing, of course. Thousands of mewling, mortal babies went into the making of the stuff."
Vrishika, describing the nature of the "Baby Oil" she's selling, Planescape: Torment

Waiter: Sir?
Lt. Frank Drebin: Gimme the strongest thing you got.
[Waiter brings over a greased-up muscle man. Drebin flounders]
Lt. Frank Drebin: Uh... on second thought, how about a black Russian?
Waiter: Very well sir. [raises eyebrow, looks at camera, shakes head and walks off]

Monster in the Darkness: Are you sure I can't just eat one of the short ones? I'm so hungry!
Xykon: Tell you what, we'll stop at the first village we see and get you a Kid's Meal.
Monster in the Darkness: Ooooh! Will it have a toy surprise?
Xykon: No, but it will have real kids.

Imca : I found this in the fridge.
Asagi: Annnnnnnd?
(Imca points to the fine print on the label: "Made with 100% real dog.")
Asagi: Ohhhhhhhhhhh. This is the last time I let Prinny #24085325 do the shopping.