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Quotes: Mad Artist
"Using Gilbert and Sullivan for genocide is very creative. Me, I'm more of a jazz artist. Like Miles Davis with 12 gauge."
Gunter, Bullet in the Face

"This guy must have 500, maybe 600 bodies down there. Stuck up on the walls like some psycho version of the Sistine Chapel!"
Darry Jenner, Jeepers Creepers

"Poetry implies either a happy gift of nature or a strain of madness."

"Art is a bang!"
Deidara, Naruto, right before blowing himself up.

(observes sketches) "You should be drawing, not killing people."
"I can do both."
Dr. Crusher and Finn, "The High Ground" (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

"Adam presents new problems for the professional. As your tools improve, so do your standards. There was a time, I was happy enough to take off a wart or two, or turn a real circus freak into something you can show in the daylight. But that was then, when we took what we got, but with Adam... the flesh becomes clay. What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt until the job is done?"
Dr. Steinman, plastic surgeon, Bioshock

"When Picasso became bored of painting people, he started representing them as cubes and other abstract forms. The world called him a genius! I've spent my entire surgical career creating the same tired shapes, over and over again: the upturned nose, the cleft chin, the ample bosom. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could do with a knife what that old Spaniard did with a brush?"
Dr. Steinman, Bioshock

"Today I had lunch with the Goddess. Steinman, she said, I'm here to free you from the tyranny of the commonplace. I'm here to show you a new kind of beauty. I asked her, "What do you mean, Goddess?" Symmetry, dear Steinman. It's time we did something about symmetry."
Dr. Steinman, Bioshock

"The MM is the Matter Manipulator- flesh sculptor. Old forgotten art form practised by certain sick fucks in the Middle Ages, only back then they usually used dead bodies. The MM made the freaks what they are. Nasty shit- small guy, shifty eyes, wears a hat. Lives in the funhouses, which between you and me ain't no funhouse, and hardly ever comes out except when someone's been actin' up and the boss wants to scare 'em straight."

"The Wild Bunny, by Sander Cohen:
I want to take the ears off, but I can't.
I hop, and when I hop I never get off the ground.
It's my curse, my eternal curse.
I want to take the ears off but I can't!
It's my curse, it's my fucking curse!
I want to take the ears off!
Please! Take them off!
Sander Cohen, Bioshock

Urist McArtist cancels task: taken by mood.
Urist McArtist looses a roaring laughter, fell and terrible!
(Urist McArtist drags Urist McVictim into the nearest butcher shop or tanner shop, brutally murders McVictim and makes a random object out of the leather or bone.)
—A possible scenario in Dwarf Fortress

"All architects before me only knew how to build... create... only I am bold enough to destroy! Let's start... with that little school over there!"
Mr. Mechanical, Freedom Force

"'Torture' is such an inelegant word. I'm an artist. Their testicles are my canvas."
Revolver Ocelot, The Last Days of Foxhound

Spike: For a demon, I never did think that much about the nature of evil. Just threw myself in. Thought it was a party. I liked the rush. I liked the crunch. Never did look back at the victims.
Angel: I couldn't take my eyes off them. I was only in it for the evil. It was everything to me - it was art. The destruction of a human being...hell, I would've considered Dana a masterpiece.
- Angel, "Damaged Goods"

UTILIZE the canvas! Expose the people to Art reality. Art is for the people & people are for Art. Mourn the loss as a cochineal or spent paint.

"I've sold almost a hundred million books. That number baffles even me; I'm not what you would call a populist. Murder, rape, incest, infanticide, sick twisted and cruel characters suffering similar fates; monsters — human and inhuman — haunting desolate spaces; a world controlled by misanthropes torn asunder, reduced to bodily fluids... And still people keep reading. Says a whole lot about the state of the world, doesn't it? My head isn't a good place for a visit, but you read one of my novels, that's exactly where you're going."
Sam Krieg, The Secret World

"Critical Killing"
"Is an art unto itself"

"And I am Rembrandt"''
Zer0, Borderlands 2

"Great art can never be created without great suffering."

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