Quotes / Macekre

So the English dub...*sigh* I don't think I have the writing skills to express how much I hate it. And I don't hate it because it's a terrible, rage-inducing "adaptation," and I don't hate it because the Japanese version is vastly superior in every conceivable way. I hate it is because this poorly acted, poorly written, poorly scored piece of crap is what people associate with Mewtwo Strikes Back. They think of hypocritical morals and "Brother My Brother" and lame jokes and a music score that's just there and bland voice acting and think that what they see in the dub is all there is to this movie. I mean, I look at what all those film critics say about the movie back then and am shaking my head because, while they do have some valid complaints here and there, a large majority of the faults they find with the movie aren't there in the original version of the film. "You didn't see the real movie!" I think to myself. "You saw the 4Kids One Piece dub of the Pokémon franchise."
Dogasu, on the English dub of Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Well, I guess the first movie's dub wasn't so bad after all. The much talked-about Pokémon Chronicles series begins with this episode, and what an episode it is. 4Kids manages to make everyone forget everything good they've done with the Pokémon franchise in the past seven years by completely botching this special up in every way imaginable. There are so many screw-ups, mistranslations, and needless edits that you'd think 4Kids was intentionally trying to piss us all off.
Dogasu, on the English dub of The Legend of Thunder!

There is nothing to stop American films, records, books, and paintings from being sold to a foreign entity or egotistical gangsters and having them change our cultural heritage to suit their personal taste.
George Lucas, in 1988, protesting colorization, macekre, and special editions