Quotes / Loves My Alter Ego

"It's ironic, you know. She likes Bruce Wayne, and she likes Superman; it's the other two guys she's not crazy about."
Batman, "World's Finest" (The Batman/Superman Animated Movie)

"But, the one that I believe in is Zero, just him. It's not you, Lelouch!"
Kallen, Code Geass

"He's my biggest fan....which is sad, really."
Spidey on Flash, The Spectacular Spider-Man

David: There’s also a great moment in this scene where Lois tries to offer Clark “constructive criticism,” and Clark goes “well, I don’t really-” before getting steamrolled over with insults.
Chris: Ironically, just as Zod is escaping the Phantom Zone, Jor-El’s heir is finding himself trapped within… the Friend Zone.
David: (slow clap)
David Uzumeri and Chris Sims on on Superman II

Chase: I can't believe the Black Ranger would do this to me!
Koda: But...you are Black Ranger.
Chase: And that makes it even worse! She dumped me — for ME!
Ivan: That's terrible...
Chase: I went behind my own back! I stole her from right under my own nose!
Power Rangers Dino Charge, "A Date with Danger"