Quotes / Locked Out of the Loop

Dad: Yes, we're well aware of his [Calvin's] reputation.
Fortune Teller: And yet, you do not know him at all.
Dad: I'm sorry?
Fortune Teller: You only see what you choose to see, and you see only the negative in your son's persona. You are blind to what he sees.

Crucible: Again with the Echidna thing. Can't you tell—
Clockblocker, Kid Win, and Vista [in chorus, with Kid Win not even looking up]: Classified.
Crucible: Fuck you guys.

Agent J: Wait, you mean to say that apart from me, the entire MIB organization was in on this plan?
Agent L: No. Frank the Pug was in on it too.

Farnsworth: Fry can't know anything about the mission. If he finds out, the worms will try to defend themselves. They know everything he knows.
Bender: They know how to make ice cream soup?
Futurama, "Parasites Lost"