Quotes / Loads and Loads of Loading

THD: I feel up to a boss, don't you, Tom?
NTom64: Hmm, is this loading screen the boss?

THD: I'm so glad that this cutscene of the Cerberus being destroyed was sandwiched by loading screens, because that's what we needed!

"You have to load saying "Too bad", then you have to load the map, then you have to talk to the guy, then you have to load him saying "Sure, why not?" thennn..."
Pokecapn, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Let's Play, Part 14.

"So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and they had to hire a new one."
— A SpongeBob SquarePants time card, that can depict how long one loading screen can take.

"(fake loading screen) I know that as data storage goes, cartridges were only about one step above a piece of paper with holes in it, but if there was one area where they excelled, it was lo— (fake loading screen) —ading times. I found myself musing on this while I waited for Bionic Commando to install itself on the PS3, then download an update, install the trophies, then lock itself in the bathroom for an hour to pluck its eyebrows, and even once I'd waded through the cutscenes and tutorials and gotten to the bit where I get to press buttons, the loading screens broke up the action so much I can now see the words press X to jump every time I close my eyes."

Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler: ... loading!
Let's Play Phantasmagoria 2.

Pat: Thanks for the loading screen, before the loading screen, before the black screen.
Matt: Pre-load the loading screen.

"Then, there's this problem: the load time. Load of shit! You could go dump your ass in the time it takes! So, if you're going to play the Sega CD, grab a beer and be patient."

"The first AVGN game we're gonna look at is The Angry Video Game, by Eric Ruth. This was the first AVGN game that ever came to my attention, back in 2008. You might be wondering what took me so long to get around to it? Well, the answer is simple: That's how long it took to load it on my Commodore 64!"
The Nerd again, reviewing games based on himself in 2013.