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Quotes: Little Audrey
"Aww, gee. I'm just having fun with my gun."
Little Audrey, "Song of the Birds" (1949)

"Oh, Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes. What does she know about modern times?
[pulls out Funny Phonies comic]
"This is more like it."
Little Audrey: "Goofy Goofy Gander" (1950)

Audrey: "Gee, I wish it would stop raining so I could play outside."
Mammy: [smells smoke from fire that Audrey made inside the house] "Audrey! Little Audrey! What you trying to do, incinerate this house?"
Audrey: "Well, I can't play outside. It's raining. Ooh, I wish it would never rain again."
Mammy: "That's a bad wish, child. We need the rain for flowers and lots of things."
Audrey: "I don't care! I wish it would never, never, never rain again!"
—"Audrey The Rainmaker" (1951)

Audrey: "Oh, Mr. lifeguard? Please, Mr. lifeguard. May I have my dog?"
Lifeguard: "Why, of course, little girl... BUT KEEP HIM OFF THE BEACH!"
— "Surf Bored", (1953)

"Judge, that's a whale of a tale!"
Little Audrey, "The Seapreme Court" (1954)

Radio Announcer: "We are interrupting this program to bring you a special bulletin. Flash! A peculiar object has been spotted approaching the earth. It is believed to be a flying saucer. More details later."
Audrey: Gosh! A real flying saucer!
— "Dizzy Dishes", (1955)

"Pal, you know that dogs are not allowed in school."
Little Audrey, "Dawg Gawn" (1958)

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