Quotes / Let's Meet the Meat

"So eat me! I'll become delicious, oven-baked apples for you! Doesn't oven-baked apples and your dear daughter make for a wonderful dessert? Aren't you a wonderful mother for raising such delicious ingredients?!"
Maria Ushiromiya's head on a platter addressing her mother, Rosa, Umineko: When They Cry, "Back Rank Mate"

This little piggy went to market,
As mild and as merry as a lamb.
He smiled in his tracks when they slipped him the axe:
he knew he'd turn out to be WHAM!
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Ema: I can see the Lunchland car over there... far in the distance.
Phoenix: Hey, you're right. I like the cute design on the door. (I can see... a cartoon cow munching down on a juicy looking steak.)
Ema: ...Doesn't that strike you as a little creepy?
Phoenix: Just don't think too deeply about it and you'll be fine.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, "Rise From the Ashes"

Jon: I hate movies about man-eating lions. How can an animal possibly prey on an innocent victim?
Garfield: Explain that to the chicken you had for dinner.

"Our tremendous narcissism led us to find any product 65% more appealing if it exhibited human traits. Thus, advertising was a fantasyland of dancing, talking and implicitly suicidal food."

Estaban los tomatitos (The little tomatoes were)
Muy contentitos (Very happy)
Cuando llegó el verdugo (When the executioner came)
A hacerlos jugo (To turn them into juice)
No me importa la muerte, (I care not for death)
Dicen a coro, (They say in chorus)
Si muero con decoro (If I die with decorum)
En los productos Del Fuerte! (In the Del Fuerte products!)
— Late 70s/early 80s Jingle for tomato puree from the Mexican brand Del Fuerte

"Howdy, everybody! I'm Hutsy the Hot Dog, and I want to be eaten by you! That's right, you!"
Hutsie the Hot Dog, The Flash Tub

"You know, if you can't find any bacon, you could always consider trying a little bit of... jelly, perhaps?"