Quotes / Lethal Joke Character

"Chicken Infested is a flaw from Dragon Magazine. Available only to commoners, it gives the commoner a 50% chance, whenever they draw an item, to get a chicken.

"What the creator failed to see is that when you draw an item from a spell component pouch or drop an item, it's a free action, so a commoner with this flaw can effectively create an infinite number of chickens as a free action."

"The madness of cold-blooded murder'd overtaken Jigglypuff! He blasted Bowser to infinity with one massive-ass hit. And then he took three Falcon Punches like it wasn't even shit!"
Egoraptor, SMASH!

"In Magic: The Gathering, there are four simple qualities for bad cards. If you have any one of these qualities, you are bad. If you have all four then Conley Woods will win a GP with you."

"Riki can win by himself."
Riki, Xenoblade