Quotes: Laughably Evil

"That's the playful side of Torgo. He's the clown that makes The Dark Side fun."

"Even with a cast as large and likable as Final Fantasy VI's, Kefka still manages to steal the show. He's certainly not the most complex or deep antagonist, but you can't say he's not one of the most fun. The best way of putting Kefka in the context of the games' evolution is to compare him to his predecessors, all of whom were introduced from the get-go as a.) evil wizards b.) evil emperors c.) evil deities. Kefka, on the other hand, is just a human being with a warped sense of humor and the fashion sense of a deranged Liberace in pursuit of what makes him happy: killing shit. He's less of a dark sorceror with a chip on his shoulder (Zande, Zemus, Exdeath, etc.) than a grade-school social outcast who wears clothes that don't match, sits by himself at lunch, and pops ants with a magnifying glass during recess."