Quotes / Laughably Evil

That's the playful side of Torgo. He's the clown that makes The Dark Side fun.

I do believe that there's a very close connection to what's scary and what's funny. So I think if you have the ability to do one, you might have the ability to do the other.

A man like him can be evil to the core, but if he is charismatic and amusing, people will listen to him. They'll even like him.

I can say Deadpool, is sadistic, evil, but charming as hell.

To violently chop somebody across the chest, subsequently yelling, "Woooo! Naitcha boi Ric Flair! Jet flyin'! Limousine ridin', thirteen time, word heavyweight champion! Woooo!" Oh, and you gotta do the strut too.

ex: As Andrew rounded the corner, I Ric Flaired him. He was initially shocked and annoyed, but quickly fell into hysterics after I ranted and did the strut.

Even with a cast as large and likable as Final Fantasy VI's, Kefka still manages to steal the show. He's certainly not the most complex or deep antagonist, but you can't say he's not one of the most fun... He's less of a dark sorceror with a chip on his shoulder (Zande, Zemus, Exdeath, etc.) than a grade-school social outcast who wears clothes that don't match, sits by himself at lunch, and pops ants with a magnifying glass during recess.

The villains on view are mostly a pack of clowns led by John Lithgow's Lizardo. A tight bundle of goofy mannerisms and extreme facial expressions, Lizardo is wonderful working with his Red Lectroid henchmen, the tight-ass Christopher Lloyd and the sub-morons [Vincent] Schiavelli and Dan Hedaya. They're best when they're pissed off and misbehaving, a nice relief from the cool, controlled bad guys that would dominate later stuff like The Matrix.

I once sploranged a monkey and ate his children! Oh, but don't worry. They were still alive when I did it.

"He's not just evil, he's like... he's like "silly evil"... and that's disturbing as shit."
Noah Maxwell, about HABIT

Oh, THRUSH, how I love you. Youíre evil, sure, but youíre so gimmicky and ridiculous that itís hard to take offense.

Monokuma: Mmmm... Seeing you all her makes me realize just how few of you there are left! Feels like the climax is just around the corner!
Aoi Asahina: This is all your fault!
Yasuhiro Hagakure: Why're you making us do this, dude? It's like animal cruelty... in reverse!
Monokuma: Whawhawha— How can you not like me?! I'm just so gosh darned adorable!
Byakuya Togami: Cut the crap and get started already.
Monokuma: Ooooh, I'll start alright! I'm not gonna drag things out with a jerk move like "the thrilling conclusion after these messages!"
Danganronpa's Monokuma immediately before the third Class Trial.