Quotes / Lack of Empathy

"My sister puts up a front so the world won't see how vulnerable she is. Me, I put up a front so the world won't see how vulnerable I'm not. I don't care who these fingertips belong to, only what my new friend out there is trying to say.
They make it look so easy, connecting with another human being. Itís like no one told them itís the hardest thing in the whole world."
Dexter Morgan, Dexter

Robin: So, why did you do it? For money? Status? Those dark powers?
Slade: Not everything is so cut-and-dry, Robin.
Robin: Selling out our world for your own personal gain seems pretty cut-and-dry to me.
Slade: With or without me, there was no stopping this.
Robin: But you played a part. And just like everything else you've ever done, it's made people suffer.
Slade: It's what I do best.

Goku: Are billions of lives just disposable toys for you to play with?!
Beerus: But of course they are, Goku. I'm a deity. What's more important: one backwater world, or a battle of gods? It's not even a question.

Leon: Dammit, how could you?! Those were innocent humans! They had nothing to do with this!
Jovian: You speak as if I care.

Migi: My kind are simply feeding to stay alive, and nothing more. It's natural for life forms to eat other life forms. You just find it unpleasant that it's your own kind that is being eaten.
Shinichi: Well, yeah, of course. Human life is a precious thing, isn't it?
Migi: I don't know. I can tell you that I value my own life, although I've never really considered any other life forms to be all that valuable.
Shinichi: Yeah, bet you haven't. 'Cause you seem to be more like an animal or an insect.

"Mission accomplished. The survival rate was 4% and valuable human resources were lost, but that is war. The mission objective takes priority over everything else. Holding to that principle is why I have never failed a mission."

"I wasn't being paid to feel."
The real Alex Mercer, [PROTOTYPE]

Griffith: I came here to know for certain whether anything will shake my heart. While I stand before you in this new body of flesh...it seems...I am...free.
Guts: You mean after what you did, after all those you betrayed, you don't feel anything?!
Griffith: I'll not betray my dream. That is all.

"The Joker doesn't care about anyone but himself. He never has, and he never will."
Batman to Harley Quinn on The Joker, The Batman

"You don't kill as many people as I have and still sleep like a kitten if you feel shit like "love".
Deadshot, Suicide Squad (2016)

"This creature was discarded at birth as a poor imitation. He was shown no compassion, no conscience. Therefore, he has none. He knows only one thing: survival."
—The Martian Manhunter on Bizarro-Clark, Smallville

Fang Fang: We may be lesser beings to you, but at least we value a life no matter what it is, something that clearly you, as powerful and ascended as you claim to be, cannot understand.
Hex: It's not that I don't understand. It's just that I couldn't care less.

"My concern limits me. He has no limits. I care too much about the consequences of my actions. He doesn't care at all."
Hiroki Sugimura, Battle Royale

"Do you look at insects and worms on the ground and think them foolish? No. Your position is so far above theirs that you cannot feel one way or the other about them, right? That is how I see humankind."
Father to Ling Yao, Fullmetal Alchemist

Viridi: Your disregard for life is just astounding. Could you be any more callous?
Hades: Well, I could try.

"You idiot! That wasn't kindness, it was cunning! She's a Gypsy! Gypsies are not capable of real love! Think boy! Think of your mother..."
Judge Claude Frollo, Hunchback Of Notre Dame

"Still your tongue, Blumiere... Can't you see you've been duped by a dirty human? You have brought shame to my name...and to the entire Tribe of Darkness!"
Blumiere's father, Super Paper Mario

"If he dies? He dies."
Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

"What I like about Cindy is that she has so much less compassion than other girls."
Riley Freeman, The Boondocks, "The Fundraiser"

"I would . . . talk to her about that and get her mind off of the, uh, anything she was nervous about. And think, you know, she thinks, oh, this guy cares, and which I, I didn't. I just wanted to, uh, get her in the vehicle and eventually kill her."
Gary Ridgway, The Green River Killer

John: You said that the victims all took the poison themselves. He makes them take it. Well, maybe he, I dunno, talks to them? Maybe he used the death of her daughter somehow?
Sherlock: Yeah, but that was ages ago! Why would she still be upset? [John stares at him]... Not good?
John: Bit not good, yeah.
Sherlock, "A Study In Pink"

Hal: Reese, do you know what empathy is?
Reese: No.
Hal: Well, empathy is putting yourself in people's shoes so you can feel what they do. If you hurt someone, empathy makes you hurt as well.
Reese: Then why would you want empathy?
Malcolm in the Middle, "Reese Cooks"

Sherlock: [watching a grieving family] Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?
Mycroft: All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.
Sherlock, "A Scandal in Belgravia"

Mr. Freeze: Do you know what it is to love someone? To really love them?
Hugo Strange: No.

Soulless-Sam: So, say you got a soul, and you're on a case, and your brother gets abducted by aliens.
Dean: Yeah, and you do everything you can to get him back!
Sam: Right, you do. But... what about when there are no more leads for the night? I mean, you're supposed to just sit there in the dark and suffer, even when there's nothing that can be done at that moment?
Dean: YES! You sit in the dark and you - you feel the loss.
Sam: Absolutely, but - but couldn't I just do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?
Dean: No!
Sam: It would be in the dark.
Supernatural, "Clap Your Hands If You Believe"

"What I lack in compassion I make up for in lack of compassion."

"He knew he should feel bad for the dork, but he only felt annoyed. He felt worse about the fact that he didnít feel bad than he did about what heíd just read."
Regent, Worm Interlude 10

Angel: You set things in motion, play your little games up here in your glass and chrome tower, and people die - innocent people!
Holland Manners: And yet, I just can't seem to care.

"When you become a vampire, the demon takes your body, but it doesn't get your soul. That's gone! No conscience, no remorse... it's an easy way to live."

Terence Fletcher: NowÖ now answer my question. Were you rushing? Or were you dragging? ANSWER!!!
Andrew Neyman: Rushing... [sheds a single-tear; Fletcher quickly notices]
Neyman: No... [Neyman tries to wipe his tear]
Fletcher: No, so you donít give a shit about any of this?
Neyman: I do give a sh...
Fletcher: So are you upset? Yes or fucking no.
Neyman: Yes...
Fletcher: You are upsetÖ
Neyman: Yes...
Fletcher: Say it.
Neyman: [mumbling] Iím upset.
Fletcher: Say it so the whole band can hear you.
Neyman: Iím upsetÖ
Fletcher: Louder!
Neyman: Iím upset!
Fletcher: LOUDER!!!
Neyman: Iím upset!
Neyman: [now red-faced and bawling uncontrollably] IíM UPSET!!!
Fletcher: Carl. [Carl replaces a crying Neyman on the drums] Start practicing harder, Neyman. ďWhiplashĒ...bar 1-25, big boy tempo. 5, 6, and...

Shaw: I have what's called an Axis II personality disorder.
Drug Dealer: What's that supposed to mean?
Shaw: It means when I kill you and your friends, Iím not gonna really feel anything.

"Sheís an innocent, precious, delightful, trustworthy, honest, hardworking, dependable, sensuous woman, and I am murdering her."
Corin Deeth III, Kakos Industries

Philip Lombard: Oh, alright Miss Claythorne, if it will make you happy, I am sorry for staring.
Vera Claythorne: Mr Lombard, I doubt you are sorry for anything.
Philip Lombard: Smart girl.
And Then There Were None (2015 BBC adaptation)

Barry: And you just don't care how many lives you destroy trying to get it...how many people you kill?!?
Hunter Zolomon: NO, I DON'T!

"Do you know why I'm going to let those people die? It's not a plan; I don't get anything from it. It's just that I don't care. I'm not like you. I don't even want to be like you! I don't and never, ever will CARE!"
Kazran Sardick, Doctor Who, "A Christmas Carol"

"Very good. You don't miss a thing. I can not feel...sorrow...No matter what misery befalls the worlds. No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you exist."
Xemnas, Kingdom Hearts II

Dolarhyde felt that Lecter knew the unreality of the people who die to help you in these things - understood that they are not flesh, but light and air and color and quick sounds quickly ended when you change them. That they are more important for the changing, more important than the lives they scrabble after.
Dolarhyde bore screams as a sculptor bears dust from beaten stone.

Pneuma: Don't you feel anything? Father's sadness, the world he longed for!
Malos: How could I? That isn't my role in this world.

Judging by the "soulless Technocrat" stereotype, one might think this Flaw is actually a Merit. Hardly. Much as the Union prizes efficiency and reliability, most Technocrats still treasure a bit of humanity. If you've got any, it doesn't show; you could order the slow torture of a baby as casually as you could order a soda, then listen to the screams without flinching. Even your fellow Technocrats find you creepy. Consequently, most comrades avoid you and Control keeps a very close watch over your activities. People this cold tend to wind up among the Fallen, and your superiors already consider you a flight risk.
—The Icy flaw, Mage: The Ascension - Guide To The Technocracy