Quotes / Knight in Shining Armor

Her wings are the prayers of the devoted; her sword, the despair of the vile.
Empyrial Archangel, Magic: The Gathering

My only dream is to destroy the nightmares of others.
Crusading Knight, Magic: The Gathering

He never yet no villainy ne said
In all his life, unto no manner wight.
He was a very perfect gentle knight.

"You should know that it was not love that drove him, but duty. I was his responsibility, and he had made a promise, a promise that was now broken and undone. Like all mistakes he had made, the Prince intended to fix this. A noble goal to be certain, but a selfish one as well. For he was motivated to ease his own pain."

In that fair Order of my Table Round,
A glorious company, the flower of men,
To serve as model for the mighty world,
And be the fair beginning of a time.
I made them lay their hands in mine and swear
To reverence the King, as if he were
Their conscience, and their conscience as their King,
King Arthur in Tennyson's Idylls of the King

Syd: You're going to be out there every day.
Jamie Reagan: It's where I want to be

A Knight is sworn to Valor.
His Heart knows only Virtue.
His Blade Defends the Helpless.
His Strength Upholds the Weak.
His Word speaks only Truth.
His Wrath Undoes the Wicked!
— "The Old Code", Dragonheart

Of crystal was his habergeon,
his scabbard of chalcedony,
with silver tipped and plenilune,
his spear was hewn of ebony.
His javelins were of malachite
and stalactite - he brandished them,
and went and fought the dragon flies
of Paradise, and vanquished them.
— "Errantry", by J. R. R. Tolkien

I'll die as befits a knight, defending the weak.
Shining Knight, "Patriot Act," Justice League Unlimited

Anger he smiles tow'ring shiny metallic purple armour.
Jimi Hendrix, "Bold as Love"

Chief: Why would anyone want to become a paladin?!
Big Ears: So others don't have to.

Aren't you my knight in shining armor?

Shine forth, brave sword and defender of the weak! Blaster Blade!
Blaster Blade, Cardfight!! Vanguard

"Armor was, and still is, the most expensive and laborious piece of the knight's equipment to produce, but it is perhaps the most impressive. In a time when roads are covered with mud, peasants have grime on them and rags, the knight passing through the city would be like an angel descended from the heavens. One has to remember that, as Professor Tobias Capel points out, the hierarchy of knights extends all the way up into heaven, and thus the knight was supposed to represent the best virtues that the kingdom could offer."

I give my body, heart, and soul to the lady whom I seek. No plea for help shall find me wanting. No obstacle will stand before me. No evil will taint the lands bequeathed unto me. When the clarion call is sounded, I will ride out and fight in the name of liege and Lady. That which is sacrament, I shall preserve. That which is sublime, I will protect. That which threatens, I will destroy, for my holy wrath will know no bounds. Honour is all. Chivalry is all. Rejoice, for we, the knights of Bretonnia, will be your shield.