Quotes / Kirby RPG Inc

NOTE: These are only roleplaying quotes! If you want to see the OOC banter, look into the thread itself.

7)Whatever you do, don't drink orange juice after brushing your teeth.

Jaffersin:*standing on top of a large grey building*Today on the twenty-ninth day of November by the American calender at twelve-o' clock of it's eastern time I hereby declare that we open this building in the name of the good of all mankind and mabye some good comic relief! *thrusts a yellow flag with the Kirby RPG logo into a pre-made holder bolted to the roof. The moment the flag is in place it the roof changes it's color as a wave of colors flows down the building bringing it to life in color* And I now appoint our leader to be the gracious (gracious? what's up with me today and why do I keep saying that?) Catstorm! :/
Press:Now what?
Jaff:Ummm... >_> I never really thought we would get this far...Well umm were now open so get off the roof before I call security on you...
Catstorm:But we don't have-
Jaff:NOW GO! *chases the press embers into an elevator* *turns around to Catstorm* okay so seriously...now what?

Jaffersin:*now at the bottom* Heh, welcome X, *does some dorky salute* Well I'll see you around...As a common grunt (head writer, common grunt, whatever) I'd better get back to my post...*walks into the building*
X: What's with the dorky saulute?
Jaff:*turns around* Ummm...IDK it's who I am dude...*keeps walking*
X: Is that any way to speak to the manager?
Jaff:0_op *dramatic backstep* um errr...r-right away sir... 0_o *slowly walks away*
X: * Anime sweatdrop on the back of his head * I think I'm gonna like this job.

Jaff:Dang...I really need to do something with my cubicle soon...*takes out a packet om M&Ms and puts it on his desk* Well...It's a start.
X: Excuse me Mr. Jeffarah?
Jaff:*Turns around* Yes?
Jaff:*foaming at the mouth as he hunches over a computer while foaming at the mouth*
Jaff:*looks over at clock* 0_o *anime sweatdrop* eeehhh...well I guess I can take a break now...

bluedude3:well....anything electronic broken? toasters? neon disco palaces?
X: I think that rocky broke jaff. and my new computer won't load up. It's the latest model but it won't do anything! it's plugged in too!
Bledude: Did you-
X: Yes I turned it on. -_-

Jaff:Well by the laws of all decent RPGs all fallen characters revive with 1HP after battles, thereofore keeping you from having to waste your revival items for no reason. Also not too many RPGs actually show a massive change from a character with full health to only one health but basically as long as nothing at all happens to hurt me I should get through the work day just fine. Then when I go home I'll regain all my stats somehow just by sleeping!
Blue:Ummm you do know were no-
Jaff:*jumps forward and covers Bluedude's mouth* Don't tell the god of logic! I don't wanna be passed out for the rest of the day! It's to early to take a knocked unconcious by a ficticious mineral lifeorm day!
X: Jaff... No crazy RPG talk.
Xtornado: Blue, I think jaff has snapped.
bluedude3:or someone gave him too much forums to post on...(looks randomly in front)
''J Aff:*looks through doorway* I'm not 100% sure they were here when I bought the place I was too busy to replace them all so I just put some new ones in the holes that never had any bulbs. *his arm gets poked by a broken light bulb on a table* OW!!! *falls over, fainted*

bluedude3:well i don't know the password do i?
X: Here. * Pulls out a baseball bat and whacks the computer *
Computer: Access granted.
-X: My password keeps glitching up. >_<

X:Can you call an ambulence? I think I found my spine....

X: Walks into the office and sees a large poster of catstorm that says " OBEY "* O_o * Looks away from the poster and a laser fires out of the poster and zaps him * OW! * Runs into the elevator and a laser blast destroys the doors * O_O HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! * Runs up the stairs to his new cubicle *

X: * heads up to the lounge and finds a random guy sitting in a chair. * uuhhh.. who are you? how did you get in here?
Random guy:RETTAGREETFLABABABAVERBLEGERBIL! * Pours cofe down his pants *
X: Huh?
X: * Throws the random guy out the window *

X: * Fixing the window * I'm starting to hate this job already.. Getting slammed by rockys, getting zapped by lasers... getting yelled at by the boss... good thing she can't hear me. I mean, it's not like she has tracking devices put on everybody here...
bluedude3:(hat starts bleeping) um...why is this hat bleeping?
X: EEP! * takes off his hat and dives out the window *

Jaff:The working man's spirit shall push me forward! *starts typing vigorously
X:But you said you never belived in the working man's spirit...
Jaff:>_> true...
X:Then why do you work so hard anyway?
Jaff:>_> errr...the great employment level? (uhhh...uhhh >_>)
X:Jaff you have a slavedriver outside your cublicle and you get paid to the minimum wage
Jaff:0_0U oopslookithtetimebettergetbacktowork!!! *turns around*
X:I swear...he has a secret...

Catstorm: Oh no! TETRIS! Stop! I hate the Hard level!
X: O.o What are you doing Boss?
*Furbys chase out Xtornado*''

macaw5: *goes up to X* uuuuumm.... i think you should have a look at this, i found it in a corner..... in the boiler room.... *shows X some sort of paper wad with gum, spilt cofee, and bugs on it*
X: what is that thing?!?!?!?!?
macaw5: i, dunno..... is there anybody slacking off lately, if therte has, maybe you could put this on their chair or in there desk or something.

tahu: *walks in to where evryone else is* wats going on?
macaw5: here, take this *tosses tahu the thing*
* Thing smacks tahu in the face *
Tahu: O_o IT'S STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bluedude3: well its not electrical....but ok! (trys to pull it off) wow it sure is stuck!

bluedude3;ok! (looks for jeff) JEEEEEF WERE ARE YOU!

macaw5: hey i see something in this camera, its someone lokking at security cameras who's looking at security camera footage, and so on, intresting!
X: -_- that's you macaw.