Quotes / Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better

"That means Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space!"
— Unnamed Gunnery Chief, Mass Effect 2.

"Basic physics. High mass plus high velocity equals ouch."
Norigom, Red Fire, Red Planet

"GUNS kill, leave big open holes in you that are like sores but WORSE."
Dr Borous, ''Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues"

"An object impacting at 3 km/s delivers kinetic energy equal to its mass in TNT."

"Slugthrowers. I hate 'em. But they're easy to maintain. Day or two in the jungle and your blaster'll never fire again. A good slug rifle, keep 'em wiped and oiled, they last forever."
Phloremirlla Tenk, Star Wars