Quotes: Kill the Poor

Chris Brynner: But don't worry, your friends are fine. That's the whole point of the Sanctuary. To give people in trouble food and a place to stay.
Dax: If that's all it's for, then why is there a wall around it?
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Past Tense Pt. 1"

Uh... you know, Diane, I had a notion the other day... I-I-I was thinking someone should get a group together, uh, with guns to sweep out those ghettos!

Ebenezer Scrooge: I help to support the establishments I have mentioned. They cost enough, and those who are badly off must go there.
1st Benefactor: Many can't go there—!
2nd Benefactor: And some would rather die.
Scrooge: If they would rather die, they'd better do it and decrease the surplus population.
A Christmas Carol (1951)

Doctor: But what of the lesser intellects? Or will they be left to rot?
Davros: You should know me better than that, Doctor. I never waste a valuable commodity. The humanoid form makes an excellent concentrated protein. This part of the galaxy is developing quickly. Famine was one of its major problems.

Nikolai: Sucking the life out of them's a pretty extreme policy for dealing with unemployment.
Camilla: It keeps them off the streets.
Nikolai Dante, "The Cadre Infernale"

Real Life

Nothing screams “privilege” louder than ostentatiously refusing something that those less privileged wish to have. Each and every anti-vax parent is privileged in having easy and inexpensive access to life saving vaccines. It is the sine qua non of the anti-vax movement. In a world where the underprivileged may trudge miles to the nearest clinic, desperate to save their babies from infectious scourges, nothing communicates the unbelievable wealth, ease and selfishness of modern American life like refusing the very same vaccines.