->'''Drake:''' She could be ''The One''.\\
'''Josh:''' You mean The-one-you-date-for-more-than-a-week?\\
'''Drake:''' Yeah, she might even be a monther.\\
-- ''Series/DrakeAndJosh''

->'''Jane:''' She did that on purpose!\\
'''Peter:''' Ah, [[ClingyJealousGirl she's just jealous]]. All girls get like that around me.\\
'''Jane:''' Oh, really? How very nice for you...
-->-- ''Disney/PeterPan: Return to Neverland''

-> Rudy Steiner was one of those audacious little bastards who actually fancied himself with the ladies. Every childhood seems to have exactly such a little juvenile in its midst and mists. He's the boy who refuses to fear the opposite sex, purely because everyone else chooses to embrace that fear...
-->-- ''Literature/TheBookThief''