Quotes / Just Friends

Over and over and over again
You say that we're just friends
Forget the implications
Infatuations end
Felt so easy
Why's it hard?
Wilco, "We're just friends"

Carly: I thought we talked about this. We can be buds, but you gotta get over this crush thing.
Freddie: I am over it! Seriously! I'm in love with you, you just want to be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain!
iCarly, iPilot,

Miri: We're friends. We're just friends. We'll always just be just friends.

Dan: If we're not going to be more than friends it's too hard to be... Just Friends.
Gossip Girl

"We are what is popularly known as just friends."
John Fleming, The Andromeda Breakthrough

Ilsa: He's not my lover. We're just good friends.

"I love Xander, I just don't...love Xander."
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Bad Girls"

Cuz baby I'm in the zone
Like a King without a throne
I'd rather have you by my side than play this skin trombone
I thought that what we had was real
But I couldn't close the deal
I'm a piece of shit
Cuz baby
Baby I'm in the zone!
Auralnauts, "In the Zone"

Batgirl: My secrets may be the key to saving your boyfriend.
Supergirl: Don't be trite We're just friends.

Phebe: Silvius, the time was that I hated thee,
And yet it is not that I bear thee love;
But since that thou canst talk of love so well,
Thy company, which erst was irksome to me,
I will endure, and I'll employ thee too:
But do not look for further recompense
Than thine own gladness that thou art employ'd.
Silvius: So holy and so perfect is my love,
And I in such a poverty of grace,
That I shall think it a most plenteous crop
To glean the broken ears after the man
That the main harvest reaps: loose now and then
A scatter'd smile, and that I'll live upon.

Mad Scientist: Friends?! We've only gone out together three times, and already you're telling me you just want to be "friends"? You never gave me a chance, and for that you'll fry like a pork sausage! (starts powering up his Death Trap)
Hostage: (while strapped to said Death Trap) It's that I don't like you. It's just, well, you're too nice a guy, I guess. I think I rather go out with someone with someone more... unpredictable.

Harry: It's complicated, but the short version is that we've both got issues. Different issues, but we both have issues. Because of what's gone on, what she wants, what she needs, me to be is a friend. A best friend. And as far as I'm concerned, that comes before anything else.
Diana: And if you ever do go down that path, you want it to be because you're whole and because you both want to. Not because Carol's trying to hold all your pieces together.