Quotes / Just Friends

Over and over and over again
You say that we're just friends
Forget the implications
Infatuations end
Felt so easy
Why's it hard?
Wilco, "We're just friends"

Carly: I thought we talked about this. We can be buds, but you gotta get over this crush thing.
Freddie: I am over it! Seriously! I'm in love with you, you just want to be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain!
iCarly, iPilot,

Miri: We're friends. We're just friends. We'll always just be just friends.
Dan: If we're not going to be more than friends it's too hard to be... Just Friends.
"We are what is popularly known as just friends."
John Fleming, The Andromeda Breakthrough

Ilsa: He's not my lover. We're just good friends.

"I love Xander, I just don't...love Xander."
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Bad Girls"

Cuz baby I'm in the zone
Like a King without a throne
I'd rather have you by my side than play this skin trombone
I thought that what we had was real
But I couldn't close the deal
I'm a piece of shit
Cuz baby
Baby I'm in the zone!
Auralnauts, "In the Zone"