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Quotes: Juan Carlos 11
  • Oh, I thought we were talking "sexual fantasy" crazy, not "knives up your ass" crazy.
    • Discussion about why the crazy girl archetype is utterly, utterly wrong.

  • 100$? Who's this hooker? Kirby?

  • Victory is not achieved by those who hope, but by those who dare and those who move.

  • I suggest you grab onto something, because I barely know how to ride this thing. :D

  • Because some people like killing their lungs after they've exercised. Like eating a burger fater jogging.
    • On why people smoke after sex.

  • I need three virgins, one squirrel and at least three Lovecraft books to sacrifice.

  • Hope you have your chainsaw ready, because we're going to court
    • On pretending to be a lawyer in the adorable troper thread.

  • Bronies and trolls, Trekkies and Whovians, otakus, Browncoats and Touhoumen... all will play the 'Game of Fandoms'.

  • "After I wipe the board five times in a row and slaughter everyone with angels, I've got bitches to please, uguu~" Haven on Juanderes.

    Go die in a fire of wrong. then revive and drown in a river of bullshit

    And btw, let yourself be stricken by a thunderbolt of stupidity
    —Juan, about...does it matter

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