Quotes: Jossed

Those guys in panel 4 are not Aly, and they are not Annie's dad in disguise, nor are they the girl from the photo, or transgendred clones of Annie's mom sent back in time to act as spies.

The Pyramids of Furmat lie a few miles east of the famous Fortress of Shadows, not far from the magnificent Pillar of Storgé. Many tourists prefer to view these ancient monuments at night, when they are illuminated by the Green Flame Torch.
J. K. Rowling discussing the title of the fourth fifth sixth seventh Harry Potter novel

Hey, you're supposed to be loading the cart, not shooting down yet another of my plausible theories!

I have always thought that the small whimper of a theory as it dies is a beautiful sound.

What are you a fucking idiot? Of course I am not Lord English. How dumb would that even be.