Quotes / Joker Immunity

Film — Live-Action

I'll be back! I always come back! (groans) But dying is such a bitch.
Chucky, Bride of Chucky

You just couldn't let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible, aren't you, huh? You won't kill me, outta some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won't kill you, because you're just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

Live-action TV

Bullets don't seem to have much of an effect on me, darlin'.
J.R. Ewing, Dallas

I am very difficult to kill. You should already know that.
Davros, Doctor Who, "Resurrection of the Daleks"

They survived. They always survive, while I lose everything.
The Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, "Daleks in Manhattan"

OK, cutting to the chase: Not dead, back, big surprise, never mind.
Missy, Doctor Who, "The Magician's Apprentice"

Kryptonite, silver bullet. Buffy. What's it going to take to keep you in the grave?
John Crichton to his nemesis Scorpius, Farscape, "Promises"


Jay: Of course, the overall stakes for this match are garbage because Triple H and Steph are actually in power, so whatever happens—much like Vince Mcmahon—they'll just leave for a bit and then come back under a new kayfabe job title with the same power.
Maffew: With mustaches and fake glasses.
OSW Review on The Authority, Ep. 45

Tabletop games

"Regardless, Ferrymen and women are amongst the rarest beings in the world, bearing the fewest members of any current, Abyssal or not. The reasons being most Sirens detest their presence as a whole, or the people they’ve attempted to break fight back and take them out. But like the coelacanth that represents them, they always seem to return even if by all means, they should be extinct. The Currents fear for very good reason that, given how they always seem to return, how big their numbers may really be..."

Video games

Rule of thumb, Hassan: You can't kill the Messiah.

I've got more lives than I do arms!
Ultros the octopus, Final Fantasy VI

The Joker: Savvy another round, Superfreak?
Superman: Why can't you stay dead?!
The Joker: I'll always have extra lives.

Web Animation

No little mushroom person at any point says, 'Didn't this exact same thing happen not however long ago? Say, did anyone remember to press charges on Bowser last time he pulled this? Put in him prison or something? What exactly was stopping him turning around and pulling the same shit the moment Mario and the Princess were distracted with each other's 'cakes'? See, people, this is why we need to introduce a constitutional monarchy.' (Yuk yuk!)


You can't keep down the clown.

Web Original

This show has done everything that can be done with the Smoking Man. From villain to victim, we witnessed his fall from grace and eventual murder at the hands of Alex Krychek. So why did Carter feel the need to wheel him out once again for another final showdown? He's come back from the dead twice now — he really is Lazarus...Despite the fact that he is seen to be enveloped in the flames of a missile in The Truth I am sure he would have continued to turn up like a bad smell had the show continued. Apparently the Smoking Man protected Mulder all of these years so he could see the look on his face when he discovered the date of the invasion or some such bollocks.

Despite Batman’s best efforts to keep her from falling in, Catwoman refuses to let go of her loot, plunging downwards to an apparent death. It’s not, of course. Catwoman, and Newmar, will eventually return in Season 2 for an episode where she’ll try to murder the Dynamic Duo by cooking them on an oversized griddle.
Chris Sims on Batman, "Better Luck Next Time"

Like can we please have even a token explanation for why the Warlock is alive!? This guy gets thoroughly disintegrated and he just pops up at the house in this movie like ‘whatev‘.

Even with the psychological advantage, Taker lost to the Ortons at No Mercy, then suffered the horrific experience of being locked in the casket, doused with gasoline, and burned alive!

And he really hates when that happens.

Web Video

You're probably wondering why I'm still talking about LaCroix. Because you might also recall me mentioning that, by the end of both pilots, as he was pretty definitely dead as shit. Well, that's just fine: Because with flashbacks, you don't NEED a character to be alive to keep them on board! —except yeah, he's totally still alive for some reason. I hope that's a satisfactory enough explanation for you, because that's all they ever give us. idk.

(Mother Brain is spinning out of control and is vulnerable)
Kevin: Into the Warp Zone! It's too dangerous to finish her off!
Nostalgia Critic: We're contractually obligated to keep stalling for three more seasons!

Western Animation

"When it's your head they wanna sever
And your blood they want to shed,

You know you're gonna live forever
If everybody wants you dead!
Mister Burns, "A High to be Loathed", The Simpsons

Ah, put that thing away, Samurai. We all know what's gonna happen; you'll swing your sword, I'll fly away and probably say something like, "I'll be back, Samurai!" And then I'll flutter off over the horizon and we won't see each other for about a week. And then we'll do the same thing all over again.
Aku, Samurai Jack

Oh who cares? I've been blown up, thrown down smokestacks, fed to sharks; I'm the Joker! I always survive!

Kevin: I thought Vilgax was dead.
Ben: Which time?
The Ultimate Enemy Part 1 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Vilgax: Is this the thanks I get? After all, I am the reason you have the Omnitrix in the first place!
Ben: Which you then tried to steal, which began a long tradition of me whipping your butt!
Vilgax: It... No it didn't!
Ben: Yeah, you're right... oh, except for that time I kicked you out into space! And that ''other'' time I kicked you out into space? And of that arena? Oh, and we got blown up in the ocean... Do you see there is a pattern forming here?
Vilgax: Oh, yes I do... you have never truly defeated me, because you don't have the guts!
Vilgax Must Croak, Ben 10: Omniverse

Batman: ... No! One more punch would kill you! And I won't kill you.
Joker: That somehow means I win! I go to jail, escape, kill people, go to jail, rinse and repeat!

Real Life

On the subject of the Master, I always enjoyed how they handled this problem when the wonderful Anthony Ainley was playing the part in the 80s. He would get killed, definitively, at the end of every encounter with Peter Davison or Colin Baker, and then he'd turn up at the start of the next Master story, with roughly this explanation: 'I escaped!' Suits me! I'm fine with that! Supervillains don't die, do they? So I wouldn't trust anything about that character's ability to lie down and stop breathing.

I think that came from the fact that the very first time I played Weyoun he was killed, and that they realized that they liked the character! Necessity is the mother of invention, so they decided that the best thing to justify bringing him back was that he could be cloned. Then I think they saw the dramatic value of it, and the joke that he's constantly dying but he comes right back, even in the same episode. In the end they destroy the cloning facilities, but if you don't think that the Vorta are clever enough to not put all their cloning eggs in one basket, you're sadly mistaken. They're out there somewhere!