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Quotes: Johnny Depp
Mike: This is the guy from 21 Jump Street. This is the guy that got sucked into a bed and shat out into blood. He's not a real actor.
Jay: Has everyone just been distracted all these years by his silly hats? And he puts on a goofy accent. He even kinda did it in Transcendence... He can't even do a straight role without using a weird voice.
Mike: Johnny Depp is a good performer, he's not a good actor... Johnny Depp's like, "imma scientist (mumble mumble) so I talk like this. (mumble mumble) Oh, I died." I don't give a fuck.
Half in the Bag on Transcendence

"Hello John, it's Ron Howard. I'm looking at your contract here, and I know I am 'to honor any and all of Mr. Depp' acting choices even if they are poorly motivated or downright effeminately contrarian,' but can we talk about this? Look, I love Shirley Temple as much as the next guy. And I think I figured out a way you can keep the curly wig, but can we lose the 'good ship lollipop' dress? Please? I'm begging you. I mean, this is The Jonas Salk Story. Also, let me know what you think about those 15 scenes that are all in slow motion with violin music."
Cracked, "Messages from Johnny Depp's Voice Mail"

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